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Medical Malpractice Claims Keep Dropping – Health Insurance Rates Keep Increasing. Go Figure

medical malpractice claims

If Lawyers are Responsible for Health Insurance Costs, Why Haven’t Costs Decreased As Cases Have Done So? People like to yell at personal injury lawyers. Especially medical malpractice lawyers. They claim that we are responsible both for health insurance costs and medical malpractice insurance costs. Over the years, medical malpractice firms in Pennsylvania have tried […]

Does Meredith Grey Have a Wrongful Death Case?

Canadian CT Head Injury

Did the Hospital Commit Medical Malpractice in Grey’s Anatomy? Are the Doctors Legally Responsible for Derek’s Death? Last week I wrote about how Meredith Grey responded to Derek’s death and how some aspects of it didn’t ring true to me. This week, I’d like to take a look at whether the hospital committed medical malpractice. […]

How Realistic Was Meredith’s Reaction to McDreamy’s Death?

Derek's Death

Meredith Told the Doctor It Was Ok – Would She? Like many, I watched Grey’s Anatomy the other night, only to see Derek die. The show handled it masterfully. It looked like they were teasing his death last week, only to get us to relax when it turned out he was helping people who were […]

Drug Addiction Does Not Prevent $6 Million Recovery for Spine Infection

Proper Treatment in Hospital

Philadelphia Jury Awards Over $6 Million to Heroin Addict in Medical Negligence Case Sometimes when a person goes to a hospital for a problem, if he has other issues, such as a drug addiction, he doesn’t receive proper treatment. A jury in Philadelphia made it clear that everyone deserves treatment that lives up to the […]

Are you a Medical Expert? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!

Are You a Medical Expert?

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My Mom Got Sicker in a Nursing Home

Nursing Home Medical Malpractice

Your Mom Got Sicker in a Nursing Home? It Might be Malpractice or Neglect. Nursing Home Medical Malpractice   As our dads and moms get older and develop conditions that make it impossible for us to care for them at home, we sometimes need to move them to nursing homes Unfortunately, the rate of medical malpractice […]

Mammogram Technician Arrested for Failing to Do Her Job – 10 Women Suffered Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

Mammogram Technician Falsified Test Results – 10 Women Suffered Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis   This is one of the more outrageous stories I have ever come across. A mammogram technician fell behind on her work. Instead of catching up or asking for help, she simply chose to falsify the results. Ten women actually had a breast […]

Supreme Court Accused Florida Legislature of Creating “Medical Malpractice Crisis” with Medical Malpractice Caps

Medical Malpractice Caps

Furious Florida Supreme Court Voids Medical Malpractice Caps For years now, legislatures, doctors and insurance companies have insisted that lawyers are responsible for the increase in health care and insurance costs.  For years now, plaintiff medical malpractice lawyers have tried to convince everyone that it is against their best interests to support caps.  All caps […]

APGAR – What it Means for your Baby

APGAR Score for Baby

What Does Your Baby’s APGAR Score Mean?   The birth of your baby should be the happiest moment of your life. In most cases, your baby will be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes something goes wrong with the delivery, and as a result, the baby is not as healthy as you had hoped.  One way […]

The Connection Between Dental Care and Heart Disease

Dental Care and Heart Attacks | Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorneys

What you Need to Know about Heart Disease and Dental Care Many people are unaware that dental care can be dangerous for those with heart disease and that some medications for heart disease can cause dental problems. It is important to take the steps necessary to protect your health and your teeth if you have […]