Employees Hurt at Construction Sites

Pennsylvania Construction Work Accident LawyersConstruction sites are among the most dangerous work environments for employees. As a result, construction work injuries are common and often very serious. In fact, construction work accidents are three times more likely to result in a fatality than an accident in most other professions. Serious, crippling injuries are, unfortunately, very common at construction sites. If you were injured while working at a construction site and are now unable to work, you are entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits.  The head of Lowenthal & Abrams’ workers’ compensation team, James Mogul, is a certified expert in Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law.* Contact Jim today to learn about your rights and to make certain you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

Why Are Construction Sites So Dangerous?

If you work at a construction site, you already know about the danger. Many employers take short cuts and do not offer the training, tools and safety features which they are required to provide. Unfortunately, falls are especially common on construction sites, due to lack of safety gear, old ladders or inattentiveness. Falls can be especially deadly, or result in traumatic brain injuries, broken bones or paralysis. Other common injuries on construction sites include serious wounds, amputations, blindness, and harm to the back, neck and spinal cord. Each of these injuries can stop or limit your ability to work.

Know Your Rights!

Regardless of the safety features at a construction site, no matter why you were hurt, if you received an injury due to a construction site accident while at work, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. In some cases, if you were injured on a construction site due to an issue with a tool or other product, you might also have a lawsuit against the tool manufacturer or vendor.

Get Help With Your Construction Work Accident

When you are hurt on a construction site, you have rights. It does not matter what the employer or its insurance company tries to tell you. Unfortunately, frequently, employers will seek to prevent you from filing a claim due to a potential increase in insurance costs or a lack of insurance. Do not allow someone to discourage you from seeking your benefits. The workers’ compensation system exists to protect people like you and your loved ones.  Make sure your claim is filed properly from day one. Contact the Pennsylvania construction work accident lawyers at Lowenthal & Abrams, today. There is no charge unless you need us to help you get, protect, restore or settle your benefits claim.


*Jim is Certified as a Specialist in the Practice of Workers’ Compensation Law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Section on Workers’ Compensation Law as Authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.