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Jeffrey P. Lowenthal, Managing Partner

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney


Jeffrey P. LowenthalJeffrey Lowenthal is the founding and managing partner of the Pennsylvania personal injury law firm of Lowenthal & Abrams. He focuses his practice on personal injury cases, including auto accidents and slip and falls.

When Jeff opened the Lowenthal Firm, insurance companies and their adjustors seemed different. Personal injury cases were frequently resolved over a cup of coffee and a handshake, with both sides seeking to reach a fair settlement. Unfortunately, as years passed, the ability to settle many cases went by the wayside. Jeff recognized the change, saw what was needed to aid his clients, and grew his firm accordingly; adding attorneys and staff to make certain his clients would be able to obtain the personal injury representation they needed from Lowenthal & Abrams.

Jeff has been married to a wonderful and supportive wife for over 40 years. They have four children and one grandchild. In his spare time Jeff enjoys Japanese gardening and taking tropical vacations. He focuses his practice on personal injury and is a frequent speaker for faith-based organizations. Lowenthal & Abrams, P.C. has represented over 500 religious organizations. Jeff is recognized by his colleagues as an excellent personal injury lawyer, as shown by his election to Main Line Today’s Top Attorneys.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, contact Jeff at Lowenthal & Abrams. He will make certain you have the best legal representation possible.


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Jeffrey P. Lowenthal
Job Title
Managing Partner
Lowenthal & Abrams
555 City Avenue,Philadelphia