A serious injury caused by the negligent actions of another can have a long-term detrimental effect on many aspects of your life. You may suffer significant pain, and even after a lengthy recuperation, you may lose some function in your body permanently. This could result in serious emotional distress as you may be unable to participate in activities that you once enjoyed and you must learn to come to terms with your physical limitations. Serious injuries can also impact you financially as you may be worried about how you will pay for your medical treatments, especially if you are unable to work because of the harm you suffered.

Fortunately, a Bala Cynwyd personal injury lawyer could help you take legal action against the at-fault party and pursue financial compensation for your losses. Our skilled attorneys could advise you throughout this process and work hard to get you the damages you need to fully recover.

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Most personal injury suits involve preventable injuries that would not have occurred but for the defendant’s actions. A claimant could file a personal injury claim against a defendant whenever that person’s mistake or willful misconduct injures a claimant. To succeed in a civil claim, the claimant must demonstrate that the defendant’s actions more than likely caused their injuries and they suffered tangible losses as a result.

A decision in the claimant’s favor would require the defendant to pay the injured party financial compensation. A seasoned attorney in Bala Cynwyd could review the facts of the case to determine if filing a personal injury lawsuit is a viable course of action for the claimant and their family.

Types of Bala Cynwyd Personal Injury Claims

In general, a person can pursue damages against a defendant when their actions or inactions cause them to suffer an injury. As such, a person may file a personal injury claim in the following situations:

Our lawyers in Bala Cynwyd have extensive experience helping families recover damages after a wide variety of personal injury accidents. We could apply our experience and understanding of the local law to assist a claimant by gathering and securing relevant evidence to support their claim. We could meet with all available eyewitnesses and ask the right questions to determine what they observed. We could also skillfully examine other relevant evidence, such as police reports, accident photographs, and medical records. If possible, we could visit the place where the injury occurred to better understand what may have caused the accident, and demonstrate how the defendant’s actions led to the claimant’s injuries.

Speak with a Bala Cynwyd Personal Injury Attorney

If you suspect that your injuries could have been avoided if not for the negligent actions of another person, reach out to a skilled Bala Cynwyd personal injury lawyer. You should not be on the hook to pay for the damages resulting from somebody else’s lack of care. Let a dedicated team of local attorneys investigate the matter. We could pursue a financial recovery for you that would allow you to focus on your recovery and not have to worry about how you will pay your bills. Call today.


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