Foot Drop and Hip Replacement

foot drop after hip replacement

Is Foot Drop after Hip Replacement Malpractice? Foot drop or drop foot means that you have a problem lifting the front of your foot; for example, you might drag your foot when you walk. This problem is not  a disease, but is related to a nerve injury, muscle or nerve disorder or a brain or

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Pitock and Ellis Speak on Social Media Use in Litigation

social media in litigation

Anita Pitock and Jennifer Ellis Address Social Media in Litigation   Social media is a huge issue in personal injury and medical malpractice litigation. Few people appreciate this more than Anita Pitock, a medical malpractice attorney and Jennifer Ellis, a legal ethics lawyer who is nationally recognized for her knowledge of social media issues and

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Woman Uses Crowbar to Save Child From Locked Car

Leaving Children in Cars Can be Deadly Every summer we hear terrible stories about children dying in cars because their parents forgot them. We wonder, how could you forget your child in a car? The answer seems to be that harried, new parents simply become overwhelmed and make a terrible mistake. Today, however, brings us

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Takata Airbag Recall

takata airbag recall

Is Your Car on the Airbag Recall List? You may have heard about the recall almost 34 million airbags. Well, the number keeps growing. Honda recalled an additional 4.5 million cars just yesterday. Toyota expanded its American recall to over 2.9 million on June 16th. Perhaps you have wondered whether your car is affected and if you

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Truck Driver Fell Asleep at the Wheel

truck driver fatigue

Truck Driver Fatigue and Accidents Like many people, I happened to be traveling with family on July 5th. In my case, I was heading to New York with my sister, niece and nephew. Right before we left my driveway, I turned on 1060 (a talk radio station in Philadelphia) and learned that 95 was closed.

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