Can Cruise Control Be Dangerous?

June 28, 2016

cruise control in rain

When Shouldn’t You Use Cruise Control?

Ever been on a long drive before and gotten cramps in your foot from constantly pressing it on the gas pedal? If you’re someone who often drives on highways or long-distances, you’ve definitely experienced this. If so, you’re probably a fan of cruise control. Cruise control can be used to maintain a steady speed while driving, without having to use the pedal. However, this luxury can also be hazardous. Keep reading to discover when you shouldn’t use cruise control.

Wet and Slippery Roads

In hazardous conditions like rain, snow, ice, or hail, it is advised not to use cruise control. However, if you are using cruise control and find yourself driving along a slippery road, immediately switching out of it will actually not help you. Since the wheels will abruptly change speed, you may start skidding even worse across the road. Using cruise control on a slippery road puts you at a high risk for hydroplaning.


Make sure to read your owner’s manual because cruise control use varies from vehicle to vehicle.

Lots of Traffic

It is difficult to use cruise control at a low speed, and often not even possible. In stop-and-go areas with a large amount of stoplights and stop signs, the use of cruise control will be difficult and hazardous, as your speed will constantly be changing.

Winding or Hilly Roads

Using cruise control on a winding or hilly road can be extremely dangerous. If you find yourself approaching a bend you need to lower your speed quickly, and you will not be able to do so. This could cause an accident. Similarly, when going downhill, you will not be able to slow down and change your speed.

Be Aware When Using Cruise Control

Focus On The Road

When you are on a long drive and not required to constantly push the gas pedal, you may become distracted from the road or tired. It is very important to stay aware of your surroundings and not solely rely on cruise control because becoming distracted, even for a moment, could cause a serious accident.

A study done by the University of Strasbourg in eastern France, actually showed that “episodes of drowsiness increased by 25% percent” in drivers using cruise control.

Also, people who use cruise control are more inclined to set the speed high and remain in the fast lane. This can be dangerous as well, as it is important to stay at a safe speed in case you are required to change speeds abruptly. In many states, it is even illegal to drive in the fast lane except for passing.

Remember that becoming distracted or falling asleep is life-threatening to you and others on the road.

Been In An Accident?

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