A Car Backed Into Me. Now What?

September 26, 2013

 A Car Backed Into Your Car? Who is Responsible?


Car Backing Up - Philadelphia Car Accident AttorneyImagine this. You are sitting at a toll both in Harrisburg, waiting to drive through. A truck backs up. You lay on your horn. The truck keeps backing up. You keep honking. The truck stops only when it is halfway up your hood. Then the truck, unaware it hit you, starts to move forward to go through a different toll booth. You drive up to the booth and ask the worker to get the truck to stop.  He does. You have some soft tissue injuries. Fortunately, you have a full tort insurance policy, so you are able to recover for the damage. There is a view that if the front of your car is damaged, and the back of the other person’s car is damaged, then you will be the one found responsible. Fortunately, this isn’t true. The reason for this is that there are a whole range of car accidents that can result from careless behavior from the driver in front of you. Especially if that car backed into your car.

Car Backed Out of a Parking Space

Recently, a woman settled a car accident case that resulted from a car backing out of a parking space. The driver of the car that was backing up caused a collision with an SUV because he wasn’t backing up properly. The driver of the backing up car tried to blame the SUV, but that was a pretty difficult argument to make. As it happened, the driver of the SUV was hurt pretty badly. She suffered sprains and strains, in addition to herniated discs. She had to undergo quite a bit of treatment and some of her injuries are permanent.  In the end, the SUV driver settled her case for $100,000.

Don’t Assume the Accident is Your Fault

If a car backed into your car, there is a pretty good chance the accident will be his fault. If someone hits your car by backing into it and you suffer injuries, please contact the Philadelphia car accident attorneys of Lowenthal & Abrams. We will discuss your case with you for free.



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