Dangers of Black Ice and Auto Accidents in Pennsylvania

January 24, 2016
black ice car crash

Sometimes, the ice and snow aren’t quite so obvious. Watch out for black ice.

Black ice is a common cause of crashes during the winter. Not long ago, black ice caused a pile up and numerous accidents on I-95, resulting in multiple injuries, some of which were fatal. Unfortunately, some drivers underestimate the danger that black ice represents. This can lead to serious accidents.

What is Black Ice?

Black ice is a term used to refer to the transparent sheet of ice that develops on certain surfaces when conditions are freezing (or below freezing) and moisture is present. This type of ice is most dangerous because it is almost undetectable. While drivers might know to slow down when ice or snow is on the road, they are less likely to drive safely when everything looks normal. However, people carefully and slowly during winter weather, they should be able to avoid the crashes and accidents associated with black ice.

When is the Risk?

There are times when you are more likely to encounter black ice. One is after a heavy snowfall when the snow is melting and refreezing repeatedly. You will especially see black ice by the side of the road where the snow has been piled up or in other areas of snow melt. Another time of great risk is when we experience sleet or freezing rain.

In a blizzard such as the one we just had, the snow will be melting and refreezing repeatedly. This can cause both regular and black ice to form. Especially near the side of the road or in potholes. Another common source of black ice is when there is sleet or freezing rain. The key is to pay attention to the temperature and be aware of the chances of rain as well as snowmelt freezing during cold weather. Be especially careful near shaded areas where water is likely to freeze quickly. The time of greatest risk is early in the morning or at night. During the day, you may be able to see the ice.

Of course, watch out for other drivers who are not taking proper care. Especially those who are speeding. It is never wise to speed, but an especially bad idea during times when there is a risk of ice.

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