How to Document a Car Crash to Increase Your Compensation.

July 19, 2016

steps for documenting a car accident

Be Sure to Properly Document Your Car Accident

If you were injured in a car crash through no fault of your own, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. Insurance companies are not in the business of handing out fair settlements, so it is critical that you properly document your accident. This will help your lawyer get the right settlement for your injuries.

Here is the right way to document your accident.

1. Be Observant

Frequently, you will be in too much shock or pain to be aware of everything surrounding you. But, if you are able to pay attention, see if you can note details surrounding your crash.

For example:

  1. Who was driving the other car?
  2. What did that person look like?
  3. Did they seem drunk or compromised in any way?
  4. Was there anyone else in the car?
  5. Did either the passenger or driver say anything to each other or to you?
  6. Did you see whether the other driver was distracted, using a cell phone for example?
  7. Were there any witnesses? Did they make any statements?
  8. What were the road conditions?
  9. How fast were you driving?
  10. If your accident occurred an intersection, what intersection? If it did not, what is the closest cross street?
  11. Can you identify any landmarks near the point of impact to help your lawyer key in on exactly the accident point?
  12. Be certain to get the other driver’s name and insurance information.

2. Take Notes at the Scene

notes can help you remember the details of your crash

Taking notes at the scene of the accident can help you recall circumstances of the event.

If you can, take detailed notes about your observations. If you cannot, write down your thoughts as soon as possible after the incident. It may be a day or two before you can speak to your insurance company and attorney, so you want to be able to be certain of what happened. Memories can be faulty after traumatic events, so having written notes can help you. Keep in mind that police reports are not always entirely correct or that they may not have critical details which can make your case stronger.

3. Take Pictures

As long as the crash site is safe, try to document the damage to the vehicles at the scene. This will help your attorney to show the damage to your car at the point of the accident. Juries respond when they can see that a car was seriously damaged.

take photos to document your car crash

Any type of camera is acceptable to use to take photos of the scene of the crash. Capturing the damage at the time it happened is essential.

  • Take pictures of the other driver’s registration, insurance and license.
  • Take photos of all damage to the vehicles, both inside and out.
  • Get the positions of the cars. Include landmarks for later identification of the crash site.
  • Get the license plates for proper vehicle identification
  • Take photographs of any skid marks
  • Take pictures of the road and the surrounding area. This can help identify any defects on the road which might have contributed to the event.
  • If there are skid marks, be sure to get images. They can show efforts to stop and help identify speed and other issues.
  • If there is any debris on the road from any of the vehicles, take pictures of them in the spots where they landed.

 4. Keep Everything

Be sure to keep all notes, photos, and any other documentation, such as police reports. These sort of primary sources can solidify your case if you end up needing an auto accident lawyer. Some insurance companies have apps you can install on your phone where you can upload photos. You may also be able to store this information on your insurance company’s website.

Were You In an Accident?

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