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August 27, 2013

The Entire East Bound Schuylkill Expressway Almost Had a Car Accident Today


Here I was, peacefully driving along the Schuylkill Expressway towards Philadelphia on my way to work, when what did I see but a huge cloud of smoke.  That’s odd, I thought, since I don’t normally see such things while driving to work. But I know there is construction right now, so I thought maybe that was the cause.  But the smoke got worse, and worse. And the cars kept going slower and slower.  And finally I saw the source. A pickup truck literally had smoke pouring out the back. People had to move over a lane and slow down in an effort to actually see the road. We are lucky that we didn’t end up having a pile up car accident due to the amount of smoke.

Do you know who would have been responsible if 15 cars had a pile up on the way to Philadelphia this morning? That’s right, the truck with the smoke pouring out the back. While I understand that things go wrong, it was absolutely inexcusable for the driver to have his truck on the road today if it was going to blow the kind of smoke it was blowing.

Responsibility to Maintain Cars

Everyone on the road has a right to expect that everyone else on the road will drive appropriately. We also have the right to expect that other drivers will maintain their cars properly. If someone gets in a car accident because someone else drives while failing to keep his car in good shape, the accident is most likely going to be the fault of the person who failed to maintain his car. This means that we have to keep our brakes in working order, so they don’t give out on us when we need them. It means we must keep our turn signals working and use them, so other people will know if we are making a left turn. And it most certainly means we are not allowed to be on the road with our cars smoking so much it is as if we are on the top of a mountain in the San Francisco area on an especially cloudy day.

Pile Up Car Accidents Happen Due to Fog and Smoke

Some of the worst car accidents happen each year due to high amounts of smoke from forest fires or on especially foggy days. It would have been very easy for those of us traveling behind this wreck waiting to happen to be involved in an accident today.

Also, the smoke is making me cough. Ugh.

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