How to Drive in Fog

September 5, 2013

Every year there are car accidents caused by fog that involve huge numbers of vehicles. Sometimes these car accidents are fatal for some of the people involved. Just today, at least 100 cars were involved in a chain reaction auto accident in which 8 people are seriously injured. Thankfully, no one appears to have died.

How to Drive in Heavy Fog

There are a variety of steps to take to make driving in the fog safer:

  1. Turn on low beam headlights and fog lights (if you have them.)  Remember, it isn’t only about you seeing, it is about other people seeing you too.  I see a lot of people driving in foggy conditions with their headlights off because they feel they can see just fine. But other people can’t see you.
  2. Don’t use high beams. The bright light will reflect off the fog and make it hard for you to see.
  3. Slow down. The Pennsylvania DMV notes that when you are driving in fog you can’t see the usual items that help you identify how fast you are going. Pay attention to your speedometer so you don’t end up going faster than you realize.
  4. Increase space between cars. The regular distance between two cars isn’t enough for you to stop safely in time. Keep further back than normal. The normal distance is 3 seconds.
  5. The road can be slick under foggy conditions. Keep this in mind and don’t stomp on your brakes, press them slowly and consistently if you start to skid.
  6. Use the right edge of the road to guide you and help you stay in your lane.  The white strip on the side of the road is called a fog line for a reason. It helps you avoid being blinded or distracted by the lights from other drivers.
  7. Don’t forget about wipers and defrosters.  Keep your windows as clean as possible to improve your visibility.
  8. If your car breaks down, put on your flashers and get away from the car. If you break down on the side of the road, keep your foot off the brake pedal and turn off your lights.  Keep your blinkers on. People focus on brake lights and could follow you onto the shoulder.  Again, get away from your car.

Above all, slow down.  Most car accidents in the fog are caused by speeding. Be careful when it is foggy out. The worse the fog the harder it is for you to see others and for others to see you.  It is also easy to become confused and drive right off the road.  If you can avoid driving until the fog lifts, that is for the best.

Injured in a Car Accident Due to Foggy Conditions?

If you are injured in a car accident on a foggy day, because someone else was driving negligently for the conditions, please contact the Pennsylvania car accident attorneys of Lowenthal & Abrams. We will talk with you at no cost and help you understand your rights and options.


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