Severe Workplace Accidents

May 7, 2021

Severe Workplace Accidents

Most workplaces and job sites attempt to ensure the safety of their workers—but accidents happen nonetheless, sometimes with dramatic and tragic consequences for workers and even bystanders. With today’s technology, these mishaps are often captured on camera. Let’s take a look at three (literally) explosive accidents in the workplace that were caught on video.


Boiler Explosion

Steam boilers are a common workplace risk because they can explode due to weakness or excessive pressure. That’s exactly what happened in  April 2017 when an industrial boiler exploded at a box company. The blast not only caused significant damage to the building itself, but debris shot through the roof and flew as far as 500 feet, causing damage to nearby buildings as well. The explosion killed four and injured three, resulting in at least 10 lawsuits and an eventual settlement of $47 million.

Check it out on video here:

Cosmetic Plant Explosion

The video below shows that in the right circumstances, even static electricity can be deadly. In November 2017, a worker at a cosmetics plant was cleaning a chemical tank when it ignited and exploded. The worker (seen on camera) escaped with minor injuries, but a subsequent explosion and fire killed one person and injured 125. An investigation ruled that static electricity generated by the cleaning had caused the explosion. Check it out below.


Massive Fertilizer Plant Explosion

In one of the most dramatic and deadliest workplace explosions in recent memory, a fertilizer plant caught fire in April 2013, resulting in a massive explosion that was felt as far as 50 miles away. The explosion killed 15 people, injured 200 others, and leveled more than a hundred homes in the vicinity. The explosion was captured on camera from several different vantage points. See a couple of them below:



Workplace accidents are often preventable. If you or someone you love has been injured in a workplace accident you may be entitled to compensation. Our worker compensation attorneys and lawyers can help you get the settlement due to you. Call our offices today for a consultation.


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