Tips to Stay Safe From Cold Weather Car Accidents and Strandings

November 26, 2013

Car Accidents Increase During Cold Weather


Pennsylvania Winter Car Accidents | Philadelphia Car Accident LawyerHere in Pennsylvania, the chance for car accidents increase along with cold weather.  While in Pittsburgh, and other western and northern parts of the state we tend to have snow, in much of Pennsylvania we experience ice.  Nothing is worse than ice for car accidents. Of course, snow isn’t so great either.


Most Injuries During Pennsylvania Snow and Ice Storms are Due to Car Accidents

Who hasn’t been driving carefully down the road only to see someone else speeding along as if it is a nice, summer day. It is best to stay away from people who drive like this. The best thing to do during a winter storm is to avoid driving. But if you can’t, it is important that you drive both defensively and carefully. OSHA offers some suggestions on how to drive safely during the winter.  Safe winter driving isn’t really all that different from driving safely at other times of the year. Here are some hints:

  • Driver slower. The speed limit is for clear weather driving. Adjust your speed for the conditions.
  • Keep a greater amount of distance between you and the car in front than you would under normal conditions.
  • Steer into any skids until you can regain control.
  • Know what kind of brakes you have. Anti-lock brakes? Stomp.  Regular brakes? Pump.
  • Teach new drivers to drive in bad weather by practicing in a parking lot during the day.

What if Your Car Breaks Down?

Cold weather can be hard on your car, meaning that break-downs are not uncommon on Philadelphia’s streets.  If you break down, keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Unless you can see help, stay in your car.  Blustery storms can interfere with your ability to see and you can get confused and/or lost quite easily.
  • Keep a brightly colored piece of fabric with you. Put it outside your car window to show you need help. Raise your car’s hood. Put on your blinkers. Turn on your dome light.  This is all to attract attention for help.
  • Watch your exhaust pipe. Keep it clear of snow. Otherwise carbon monoxide can become a dangerous problem.
  • Stay as warm as possible.  Do exercises, work your hands and feet. This will help you avoid frostbite.

Injured in a Philadelphia Car Accident?

If you are injured in a Philadelphia car accident, after you have received proper medical care, give Lowenthal & Abrams a call. You might also consider downloading our app, just in case you are in a car accident. It will help you determine what to do after an auto accident.




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