Tracy Morgan’s Brain Injury

November 19, 2014

Tracy Morgan’s Brain Injury – He Won’t Ever be the Same

Tracy Morgan's Brain Injury

Tracy Morgan

As most people know, Tracy Morgan experienced a devastating car accident. Unfortunately, Tracy Morgan has a brain injury. I can tell you from both personal and professional experience, that he will never, ever be the same as he was prior to his accident.

Understand, I am not to saying that Mr. Morgan can’t recover. What I am saying is that once you suffer a serious brain injury, the damage is such that it changes you. Severe brain injuries change cognitive abilities. TBIs also impact word use, brain speed and personality. In addition, Tracy Morgan suffered many physical injuries that will seriously impact his recovery.

Unlike the body’s ability heal to a broken bone, the brain cannot repair the damage it suffers during a traumatic brain injury. What the brain can do is to try to forge new pathways. Those new pathways, hopefully, will enable Mr. Morgan to return to acting, comedy and a full, satisfactory life. But because they are new pathways, Tracy Morgan’s brain injury will change him. In addition, with a very serious TBI, chances are high that a full recovery is impossible. Tracy Morgan’s brain injury is apparently quite severe. This is bad news for his recovery prospects. His attorney has already stated that he may never fully recover.

Immediate Therapy is Critical

The most important thing Tracy Morgan can do to improve his likelihood of a complete recovery is to seek immediate therapy. Studies show that quick intervention is very important after a brain injury. The greatest amount of improvement after a traumatic brain injury tends to occur during the first two years. As a result, an early focus on high level cognitive therapy can make a huge difference in the recovery process. Fortunately, unlike many people, Mr. Morgan has access to the funds required to receive the best treatment possible. This will be a big help.

Potential Problems after Tracy Morgan’s Brain Injury

As a comedian, Mr. Morgan’s job is to be mentally quick. In addition he needs to have a good memory for his stand up and acting work. Unfortunately, both processing speed and memory are normally seriously impaired after a traumatic brain injury. “Patients with moderate to severe TBI have more problems with cognitive deficits than patients with mild TBI.” If Mr. Morgan’s speech was affected, this, of course, will be devastating for both his acting and comedic career. In addition, brain injuries often result in personality changes and depression. Tracy Morgan’s famous, outgoing personality is, of course, a huge part of who he is and what makes him so successful.

We Hope for the Best

We can only hope for the best as Tracy Morgan struggles to recover from his brain injury. We wish him well. In addition, we hope that Walmart will step up and take responsibility for the negligence of its driver, as it promised to do when the accident first occurred. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be likely to occur, given Walmart is attempting to minimize its responsibilities because Mr. Morgan was not wearing a seat belt.


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