Is it Morally Wrong to Sue?

May 7, 2014

Do You Think it is Morally Wrong to Sue?


It Isn't Morally Wrong to SueYou would think, given the complaints about how litigious Americans are, that no one hesitate to sue. The reality is quite different. We get many calls from people who are embarrassed to be speaking to a lawyer and upset they are in a situation where they need to seek legal help. Many of these people are concerned because they feel suing goes against the bible and/or their religious and moral views. We understand how you feel. We understand why people think it is wrong to sue. However, we want you to understand that enforcing your rights is not immoral.

You Aren’t Sue Happy

Some people are afraid that if they sue over a car accident or medical malpractice, that makes them sue happy. But if you have a legitimate injury, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When you are hurt, you are often unable to perform the duties that your life requires. This might mean you are unable to go to work. Or it might mean you can no longer cook, clean and take care of  your children. As a result, you need compensation to make up for what you couldn’t do or won’t be able to do for a period of time.

In some cases, you will never be able to work or take care of your family again. If this is the case, you aren’t seeking a windfall. You are seeking to be made as whole as possible. In other words, you are seeking to be put in the same financial position you would have been had you never been injured. Lowenthal & Abrams doesn’t take on frivolous cases. We take on cases where people were legitimately injured and have suffered. And due to that suffering, they have lost both financially and emotionally. Under such circumstances it simply is not wrong to sue.

We Have Insurance for a Reason

We here in Pennsylvania are required to purchase car insurance. Doctors and lawyers are also required to purchase insurance to protect against malpractice. Without insurance, someone who simply looked down at the radio for a moment and caused a minor accident could find his life financially destroyed. An injured person could end up bankrupted because he cannot afford to pay his bills.

We buy insurance to make sure we satisfy the law, and also, that we will be covered financially if something goes wrong. Many people also feel that we are morally obligated to help other people if we hurt them by making the whole financially. You might even have bought more insurance than you are required to purchase. By doing so, you increase the chances that if you hurt someone else, you will be able to cover serious injuries. In addition, that increased insurance will protect you if someone else is not covered or does not have enough insurance to make you whole. That insurance exists both for you and for the other person, but you generally have to file suit to get it.

You Paid for your Insurance

There is no shame or moral issue with using something you paid for to return you to as whole a state as possible. To make sure your family is properly cared for. To make sure you will not be made financially destitute because of someone else’s mistake. People who sue are not money grubbers, they are people trying to make their lives whole. This is why it is not morally wrong to sue.



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