Anesthesia combines medications called anesthetics to induce unconsciousness and prevent patients from feeling pain and discomfort during surgical procedures. Using anesthesia has become an essential part of modern surgeries, but there is always room for human error.

Specialized doctors called anesthesiologists administer these drugs to patients through an intravenous line or by breathing from a mask. While not every anesthesia error or complication results from medical malpractice, there could be cause for a claim if the problem resulted from negligence. Speak to a seasoned Bala Cynwyd anesthesia errors lawyer to learn more.

Types of Surgical Anesthesia

There are four types of surgical anesthesia patients may receive during surgery or other medical procedures. The kind of anesthesia a patient receives depends on their medical history and the procedure they are undergoing.

General anesthesia is typically a combination of intravenous injection and inhaled gases and causes a state of controlled unconsciousness similar to sleeping. When a specific body part requires surgery, anesthesiologists may inject regional anesthesia near a cluster of nerves to cause numbness in that area.

Local anesthesia may be used during minor procedures as an injection or skin cream. Finally, patients may receive sedation or pre-medication to ease discomfort and anxiety and help them relax before a procedure.

Anesthesia Mistakes

Anesthesia offers many benefits, but anesthesiologists must administer the treatment correctly and monitor the patient closely during the surgery. Complications with anesthesia may arise from:

  • Dosage errors
  • Delayed anesthesia delivery
  • Negligent intubation
  • Administering too, too little, or the wrong anesthesia
  • Improper monitoring of the patient’s vital signs
  • Allergic reactions to the treatment or adverse interactions with other medications
  • Improper administration of oxygen during the procedure
  • Failure to recognize and respond when a patient experiences complications

Anesthesia mistakes could result in a patient experiencing severe pain, waking up during surgery, or even passing away. A Bala Cynwyd attorney can analyze the evidence to determine when and how an anesthesia error occurred and help build a sound claim for damages.

Certificate of Merit in Anesthesia Error Cases

Civil courts impose additional requirements for injury claims based on medical negligence. To minimize the possibility of frivolous litigation, Pennsylvania legislation requires the completion and filing of a Certificate of Merit for medical malpractice cases. According to Pennsylvania Code Rule § 1042.3, a potential plaintiff must have a licensed medical professional review their case to certify there is cause for legal action.

To complete this requirement, a licensed medical professional must state they believe there is credible evidence a healthcare provider failed to meet an applicable standard of care and likely caused the patient to suffer harm. The injured patient must file this Certificate of Merit with their claim petition or within 60 days after commencing legal action. A Bala Cynwyd attorney can provide vital assistance with creating a Certificate of Merit for an anesthesia error claim.

Speak To a Skilled Anesthesia Errors Attorney in Bala Cynwyd

Lawsuits involving medical malpractice are time-consuming and challenging to navigate. Healthcare professionals and facilities often have a legal team fighting to clear their clients’ names and eliminate liability. Ongoing litigation and negotiations may be necessary to reach a fair settlement, and it is crucial to have someone aggressively fighting on your behalf.

A hard-working Bala Cynwyd anesthesia errors lawyer can guide you through the claims process while advocating for the full settlement amount you need and deserve. Call Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys, today to discuss your case.


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