The purpose of workers’ compensation insurance is to make sure workers can get the medical care and financial support they need to recover from their work-related injury or illness and return to their jobs. In reality, workers’ compensation benefits cannot completely erase the harm an injury at work may have caused a person, especially if they never fully recover.

Bala Cynwyd permanent disability workers’ compensation claims can be challenging to understand without the help of a skilled workers’ compensation attorney, but filing one correctly is vital after sustaining severe injuries from an accident. Our well-versed attorneys at Lowenthal & Abrams can explain how your case will likely proceed and advocate for your rights and best interests.

How Are Disabled Injuries Graded for Workers’ Comp Claims?

Workers who are rendered unable to work due to a job-related injury or illness can receive total temporary disability benefits, usually equivalent to two-thirds of their average weekly wage, before getting hurt or sick, up to a maximum limit prescribed by state law. These benefits can continue for up to 104 weeks after accepting a workers’ compensation claim. In the 60 days prior to the end of that 104-week period, a workers’ comp insurance provider can request that a doctor of their choosing conduct an Impairment Rating Evaluation (IRE) to determine the degree to which the worker is still impaired and unable to work.

As a part of a permanent disability workers’ comp claim in Bala Cynwyd, doctors performing IREs will follow the American Medical Association’s standards to assign a percentage of disability to the worker they are examining. As of 2018, a worker who is given a disability rating between zero and 35 percent is considered partially disabled, and a worker who receives a rating of 35 percent or more is considered totally disabled.

Permanent Disability Benefits Available Through Workers’ Comp

Someone deemed to have sustained a permanent disability because of a work-related injury or illness can continue to receive reimbursement for all reasonably necessary medical expenses related to their condition. Individuals with a permanent partial disability (PPD) can receive two-thirds of the difference between whatever weekly work income they receive while working through their disability and their average pre-injury weekly income as PPD benefits, which can last for up to 500 weeks.

Someone who has a permanent total disability (PTD) can continue to receive two-thirds of their average weekly pre-injury wage or the applicable state maximum until they start to receive Social Security disability benefits. Workers who sustain severely disfiguring injuries, such as the total amputation/loss of a limb or serious facial damage, may be eligible for additional benefits paid out weekly or as a lump sum through their permanent disability workers’ comp claim in Bala Cynwyd.

A Bala Cynwyd Attorney Can Help You File a Permanent Disability Workers’ Compensation Claim Today

No amount of money can completely erase the physical and psychological effects of a permanently disabling workplace injury or illness. What a Bala Cynwyd permanent disability workers’ compensation claim can do is significantly lessen the financial impact that your disability has on you and your family.

You have help available to proactively and effectively pursue the benefits you deserve from a qualified lawyer at our firm. Call our diligent legal team at Lowenthal & Abrams today to set up an initial consultation.


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