15 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of a Winter Slip or Fall

November 27, 2013

Reduce Your Risk of Slipping and Falling in our Messy Pennsylvania Winters


Reduce Risk of Slipping and Falling During Pennsylvania's Winters | Lowenthal & Abrams Slip and Fall LawyersI am sure it is no surprise to anyone that the risk of slipping and falling increases during Pennsylvania’s snowy and icy winters. Falls are a common cause of injuries at work (resulting in workers’ compensation claims,) at businesses (potentially resulting in slip and fall lawsuits) and at homes (also potentially resulting in lawsuits.)

Regardless of who is responsible for your fall, my guess is you would rather not fall in the first place.  So I’d like to offer you some advice on staying safe during these dangerous and slippery months.

Preventing Falls and Injuries in the Winter

  • Proper footwear is crucial. Wear boots with good rubber treads. Use the kind that slip over shoes, or just put your nice shoes on once you are inside. This will protect your shoes as well as your backside.
  • Watch out for snowy or icy locations and do your best to avoid them.
  • If you must walk on a snow-covered or icy path, go slow and take shorter steps.
  • Be aware when walking on the side of a road, even on a sidewalk. If a car starts to slide it could slide towards you.
  • When entering someone’s home or an office, wipe your feet well to remove moisture and decrease your chances of falling.
  • Inside, watch out for slippery or wet areas. It is easy for a wet spot on the floor to be invisible.
  • Be especially careful getting in or out of the car. This posture can be especially vulnerable, and frequently parking spaces are not well cleaned.
  • Keep your hands empty. If you do fall, you can use your hands to protect your head. A broken arm is much better than a brain injury.

Preventing Falls on your Own Property

  • If you are clearing your own paths, keep the salt and shovel in your house. You don’t want to have to walk through snow drifts or ice to get your supplies.
  • If you can, salt an area before the snow or ice. Then again as needed.
  • Keep the paths both cleared and salted.  Paths that are cleared but not salted can often be more slippery due to ice formation.
  • Check your railings before snow season. You need the railings to support you if you grab them when you slide.
  • Have a whistle or phone with you to call for help. You don’t want to add frostbite to your injuries.
  • Make sure the area around where you park is cleaned and salted.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you have issues walking.  A serious fall can hurt anyone, but even a small slip or fall can cause serious damage to the elderly who often have more fragile bones.

 Fell Due to Someone Else’s Negligence?

Sometimes falls happen.  In many cases these accidents aren’t due to another person’s negligence. But, if you are injured at a business or someone’s home due to failure to take proper precautions, you shouldn’t be responsible for the resulting medical bills or lost work time. Contact the Pennsylvania slip and fall attorneys at Lowenthal & Abrams to discuss your case. We will give you our honest opinion.


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