While many enjoy a day out on the water without any problems, some boaters are not as lucky. Unfortunately, sometimes serious boat accidents happen, and they can result in devastating injuries and even fatalities.

If you or a beloved family member recently sustained harm while out on the water, a Philadelphia boat accident lawyer might be able to help you pursue compensation for your losses in a personal injury lawsuit. If you prevail in your legal claim, you could get a chance to recover from your injuries, settle your bills and rebuild your life following this serious incident.

Most Frequent Types of Boating Accidents in Philadelphia

People suffer injuries in many different types of boating accidents. Drownings, near-drownings, hypothermia, and other exposure-related illnesses can occur when someone unexpectedly falls into the water. Sometimes, boats capsize or sink, causing their occupants to be forced into the water. Other times, people can slip or trip and fall overboard into the water.

Other severe injuries occur when someone gets hurt while aboard a ship. Boaters can trip and fall and injure themselves when one boat crashes into another or into a dock, buoy, or other fixed object. Boaters can also get hurt when their vessel ventures into too shallow waters and grounds itself.

Often, boat accidents happen so quickly that the people involved have no idea exactly what happened. That is why it is crucial to work with a skilled Philadelphia attorney who has extensive experience with boating accidents. A dedicated team of local attorneys could put their experience and their knowledge to the test by investigating the boat accident to learn what happened.

Frequent Causes of Boat Crashes

Sadly, the most common cause of most boating accidents is operator error. People often consider their time on their boats to be fun. They treat their driving duties differently than if they were in their car. As a result, many boat operators are more relaxed than they should be while out on the water. Instead of paying attention to what is going on around them both on the boat and in the water, many boat drivers fall prey to the distractions around them. While people know of the dangers of driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated, not as many people feel the same about operating a boat while under the influence. Boating inexperience also causes many accidents. Many recreational boaters treat their vessels like toys instead of taking their duties seriously. They need to learn how to safely operate the vessel and obtain the necessary certifications. Because there are not as many other vessels on the water as other vehicles on the road, many boat operators act recklessly and speed.

In addition to operator error, defective parts or machinery, rough seas, or bad weather can sometimes play a role in a crash. A skilled Philadelphia lawyer could help an injured party determine who bears potential legal responsibility for their boat accident.

Let a Philadelphia Boat Accident Attorney Assist You

Recuperating from a serious injury is not easy. It requires a great deal of time, perseverance, support, and money. A Philadelphia boat accident lawyer could help you get the financial compensation you need that allows you to focus on the rest of your recovery. Call the office today.


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