Animal Bites Happen More in Summer

June 17, 2016

animal bites

Dog Bites More Prevalent in the Summer

Warmer weather brings everyone outside – people and pets included. The more time they both spend outside, the more likely they are to interact with one another. Unfortunately, not everyone gets along and sometimes, when their paths cross, it can result in an animal bite. According to, most animal bites happen in the home of a friend or relative and often the victim knows the animal.

Animal Bites Statistics

  • While most bites occur on the extremities, the head and neck are also affected, which could pose more of a danger because of vital structures in those areas.
  • Dog bites occur in the head and neck 9-36% of the time.
  • Cat bites occur in the head and neck 6-20% of the time.
  • Most animal bites occur in the summer afternoon in the victim’s home or in the home of a friend or relative.
  • 4.5 million people are treated for animal bites a year in the U.S.
  • Dog bites most often occur with men and boys whereas cat bites most often occur with women and girls.
  • Adults are bitten more frequently by animals however, children are more likely to suffer from a head or neck wound, which can be much serious.

What Should I Do If Someone Is Bitten?

The risk of infection exists with any kind of bite, no matter how small. Animals have different kinds of bacteria in their mouths that serve several purposes; some of those bacteria may be harmful to you. It is important to wash the wound with soap and water, then seek medical attention as soon as possible.

All bites, no matter their size, should be examined by a medical professional for infection or for a more serious complication. Head and neck injuries can be complex and, depending on the severity, a plastic surgeon may need to be consulted.

If I’m Bitten, Is There a Risk For Rabies?

Thanks to movies and news the threat of Rabies has been over-dramatized amongst dogs and wildlife. It’s true that Rabies is always a concern when someone is bitten by an animal. Luckily, today most domesticated animals are vaccinated for Rabies as it is a state requirement for owning the animal.

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