How Concussions Age Your Brain

May 24, 2021

How Concussions Age Your Brain

Our brains are one of those things we don’t necessarily think about until something stops working. Concussions sometimes referred to as traumatic brain injuries, are a perfect example of this. You use your brain for everything and a concussion can severely impact everything you do.


The problem with concussions are that their impact isn’t felt only in the moment;  it can have long-term effects, including accelerating your brain’s aging process. Multiple concussions cause a multiplied effect. A good example of this is hockey player Eric Lindros.  His career was brought to a close after repeated head injuries


study conducted by University of Michigan researchers explored the idea that

“concussive and subconcussive head trauma intensifies the expected cognitive aging process by decreasing cognitive reserve at a faster rate, leading to premature cognitive dysfunction.”


In layman’s terms,  it means that concussions, and even other less-severe traumatic brain injuries, can cause the signaling pathways in the brain to break down at a faster rate than they would for aperson who never suffered from a brain injury. The signaling pathways are what allows the brain to send messages to different parts of the body.  If you think of the pathways as highways, concussions can create potholes that make it harder for the electrical messages to get where they need to go.

Over the course of the study, the researchers tested out their hypothesis by comparing college students who’d experienced concussions with those who hadn’t. They discovered “changes in gait, balance and in the brain’s electrical activity, specifically attention and impulse control”.These changes were still present in people whose injuries had occurred six years earlier.

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