Holiday Season is Also Heart Attack Season – Here’s How to Decrease Your Risk

December 2, 2013

Heart Attacks Increase During the Winter – Protect Yourself


Decrease Heart Attack Risk During Winter | Philadelphia Medical Malpractice AttorneysDid you know that there is an increased risk for attacks during the winter? Scientists have been trying for years to figure out why the chances for deadly heart attacks increase 25-55% during this time of year. It turns out there are many factors.

What Causes the Increased Risk for a Deadly Heart Attack in the Winter?

1. Your body responds to cold badly

According to researchers, certain kinds of body fat create a, “narrowing of blood vessels when a person is exposed to low temperatures.” This, in turn, causes clogged arteries, which can lead to heart attacks and brain hemorrhages. Blood pressure also increases in the cold. Increased blood pressure equals increased strain on the heart.

Respond to this risk by dressing in lawyers. Keep your body warm.

2. Lack of exercise or sudden change in exercise

Even people who are good about exercising tend to exercise less in the winter.  sometimes, People who never exercise all of a sudden start shoveling snow. This change in exercise, or suddenly difficult exercise can lead to a heart attack.

Respond to this risk by exercising well all year. Only healthy people who exercise at an appropriate level should be shoveling snow. Shoveling skyrockets the risk of heart attack for people who aren’t up to it. Check with your doctor before you begin a new exercise program.

3. Bad diets

Let’s face it. We tend to eat badly during the holiday season.  We start in November and we don’t finish until after the New Year.

Respond to this risk by choosing what you eat and drink carefully. Manage your salt, fat and alcohol intake.

4. Depression and Stress

Some people suffer from depression or stress during the holidays and/or winter. Both depression and stress are known to increase the risk of heart attack.

Respond to this risk by managing your stress.  If you suffer from depression, talk to a doctor about it.

5. Delayed Treatment

People sometimes delay treatment during the holidays because they are busy, or because they don’t want to interrupt the celebrations.

Respond to this risk by getting and following treatment. Be sure you comply with your doctor’s medication instructions. Don’t skip doses. Pay attention to what your body is telling you.

6. Busy Hospitals

With the increase in car crashes, slip and falls and other injuries, hospitals get very busy in the winter.  Also, staff decreases due to vacations and time off. All of this means there is less time to focus on each patient. Less time can result in increased problems, even medical malpractice such as missed diagnoses.

Respond to this risk by making sure you get the proper treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t schedule elective surgery during the holiday season if you can help it.


Understand that your risk of heart attack is greatly increased during the winter months. Make certain you get proper medical treatment and don’t neglect yourself.


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