While cars are safer than they used to be, crashes where two vehicles collide head-on are still likely to result in catastrophic harm. On top of that, figuring out who is to blame for this type of accident can be particularly challenging, especially in situations where traffic lanes are already moving in opposite directions in very close proximity to each other.

Put simply, front-end car accidents in Erie make for especially complex legal claims. While you focus on your physical recovery, you should strongly consider enlisting a skilled car accident lawyer to help with investigating who may be liable for the crash. From establishing negligence to demanding fair compensation for losses stemming from your injuries, your dedicated attorney can be a vital source of support.

Common Causes of Head-On Car Crashes

Perhaps unsurprisingly, head-on car crashes in Erie and throughout Pennsylvania usually happen in places where cars are already traveling in opposite directions. In most cases, one car ends up veering into the path of another before the second driver has time to react to avoid a collision. While it is not unheard of for those wrecks to happen on highways because of someone going the wrong way on the interstate, they more commonly occur on smaller two-lane rural roads, one-way streets in urban areas, and inside intersections.

Drunk driving is an especially common cause of this sort of wreck, but more mundane violations of traffic law can also lead to someone crashing head-first into someone else’s car. Even something as simple as a momentary lapse in concentration could lead to someone turning into the wrong lane and causing a catastrophic wreck, as experienced accident attorneys know all too well.

Getting Paid Fairly Within Filing Deadlines

No matter what specifically leads to a head-on auto collision happening in Erie, anyone who directly causes one through their own misconduct may hold civil liability for any “damages” another person suffers from that crash. While the exact value of a case will vary depending on the circumstances, “compensable losses” commonly factored into these sorts of claims include:

  • Any and all medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Car repair/replacement costs and other personal property damage not covered by insurance
  • Lost working ability and/or work income
  • Lost overall enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish and trauma

Regardless of how long the injuries caused by a front-end collision are expected to persist, most people injured by another person’s negligence have just two years under 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 5524 to actually start the civil litigation process. This is just one reason why contacting legal counsel as soon as possible after a serious wreck is so important to protecting a crash survivor’s legal rights.

Contact an Erie Attorney for Help with a Front-End Car Accident Claim

No two car accident lawsuits are created exactly alike, and head-on crashes tend to be especially good examples of that principle. Two wrecks that outwardly look the same could result in some people walking away without a scratch or everyone being hospitalized for months. Either way, seeking fair financial recovery for losses caused by the accident will likely be both legally and emotionally challenging.

Fortunately, you have help available from skilled injury attorneys with years of experience helping people just like you achieve successful results from cases built around front-end car accidents in Erie. Schedule a private consultation by calling Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys, today.


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