While most people would not be surprised to hear that doctors sometimes make minor mistakes while treating patients, it may be harder to believe a medical professional can do something so egregiously negligent as to operate on the wrong part of a patient’s body. Unfortunately, this error is possible and happens somewhat often in hospitals across the state. It is crucial to contact a skilled surgical mistake attorney from Lowenthal & Abrams to understand your legal options during this difficult time.

Wrong site surgery malpractice in Philadelphia can often serve as grounds for a civil claim demanding substantial financial compensation, especially when the procedure’s outcome is as life-altering as limb amputation or the removal of an organ. Regardless of what losses you need to seek restitution for, support from our attorneys will likely be critical to maximizing your recovery.

Do Wrong Site Surgeries Always Constitute Malpractice?

Every medical professional who establishes a doctor-patient relationship with someone is legally obligated to meet a specific standard of care with that patient, which means they must act the same way any equally qualified physician would under the same circumstances. A surgeon who fails to ensure they are performing the correct operation on a patient has not met this standard, which means that any injury a patient sustains because of that negligence can be the basis for civil litigation.

While surgeons are often the primary party to blame for medical errors of this nature, they are not always the only ones who can hold civil liability. Numerous people involved in any given surgery may miscommunicate and cause the operation to go awry. Additionally, medical facilities that employ negligent surgeons may be liable for wrong site surgery malpractice in Philadelphia. A qualified attorney from our firm can further explain other individuals who can be held liable.

Understanding Legal and Procedural Obstacles

Legal counsel can help navigate past the roadblocks that state law may put in the way of someone in Philadelphia who was injured through wrong site surgery malpractice. Notably, a legal professional can assist with fulfilling the certificate of merit requirement or the mandate for prospective malpractice plaintiffs to have at least one qualified medical expert before filing suit.

A person who was hurt must have a qualified and experienced medical professional in the same field(s) as the defendant(s) for them to be named in the claim. It must then be affirmed in a written and signed affidavit that they believe a legally actionable breach of the standard of care occurred. The person injured through wrong site surgery must obtain and submit this affidavit to the court either alongside their initial complaint or no later than 60 days after filing it.

Speak with a Philadelphia Attorney About a Wrong Site Surgery Malpractice Claim Today

No matter what type of operation you need, the least you can expect from your surgeon and the various professionals assisting them is that you will receive the correct operation on the correct body part. Unfortunately, wrong site surgery malpractice in Philadelphia can lead to irreversible and life-altering consequences.

When this medical negligence has hurt you, you should strongly consider seeking help from a compassionate lawyer from Lowenthal & Abrams to give yourself the best chance of getting the restitution you deserve. Call today for an initial consultation.


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