Slip and falls range in severity from bruising your ego to causing a traumatic brain injury or death. When you are hurt enough to require medical attention, the person who caused the accident has changed your life negatively for the time being. However, there are actions you can take to do something about it. Our diligent slip and fall attorneys at Lowenthal and Abrams could help you take those necessary steps to seek compensation.

You may be wondering how to pay for medical services that you had not anticipated, and the household bills could be piling up because you are unable to work. When you fall because of someone else’s negligence, we can assess your case and advise you on what you can expect from common causes of slip and falls in Philadelphia.

Defining Negligence

Slip and falls are personal injuries associated with premises liability. The injured person’s attorney must prove that the defendant acted negligently or intentionally. Negligence is established by showing they had a duty to act reasonably but did not, and those adverse acts caused the accident that injured the individual. In Philadelphia, the common offending acts include knowing a danger existed that could cause someone to slip and fall but doing nothing or that the danger was there long enough for the defendant to have known about it.

Examples of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents commonly happen on premises that people visit or outdoor areas in Philadelphia where the owner fails to maintain the property. Examples that can lead to such lawsuits include:

  • The grocery store customer who eats a banana in the produce section and throws the peel on the floor, where it remains for several hours before another customer slips, falls, and gets a head injury
  • The apartment dweller who navigates an unlit stairwell, littered for days with children’s toys, trips on a skateboard and tumbles to the bottom, breaking several bones
  • The office secretary who heads to the water cooler, which has been leaking for days, and slips in the puddling water
  • The restaurant patron who trips over buckling carpet in the ladies room, breaking a leg
  • The neighbor who was invited to visit falls through an unrepaired step to the porch and breaks a hip

Other than adult trespassers who are owed no duty, property owners and managers under tort law must keep the premises safe for visitors and child trespassers. The extent of the duty depends on whether the visitors are social in nature or have come to patronize the owner’s business. Our Pennsylvania slip and fall attorneys can assist people seeking compensation for their injuries in either circumstance.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Could Help

To establish negligence, the slip and fall attorney will gather and scrutinize evidence, including medical and police reports, what others witnessed, and any cell phone videos or surveillance camera footage available. Expert witnesses will be called to testify if necessary.

Medical reports are an important foundation for how much compensation the injured person’s attorney will ask the jury to award. These monetary damages replace what the injured person lost in physical and emotional agility, medical bills, wages, and how much pain they suffered after a slip and fall accident in Philadelphia.

Common Causes of Slip and Falls in Pennsylvania Could Lead to Compensation

Slip and fall accidents are unexpected and can injure you enough that you incur medical bills and cannot work while recuperating. You can hold a negligent party responsible for your injuries with the help of our skilled attorneys at Lowenthal and Abrams.

If you visited someone’s home or patronized a business and were injured because the owner did not repair or warn you about an unsafe condition, you are entitled to compensation for those injuries. There are some common causes of slip and falls in Philadelphia, and if you fit the profile, we can help you through your situation. Call us today for a consultation.


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