Losing a loved one is never easy. Losing a loved one due to somebody’s carelessness, recklessness, or willful misconduct makes the coping process even harder.

If another person’s actions caused your family member to lose their life, you should speak with an experienced Bala Cynwyd wrongful death lawyer to discuss your legal options. A personal injury attorney, who understands what constitutes a wrongful death claim, could help you pursue a legal claim against the person responsible for causing the loss of your family member. Although a favorable ruling in a wrongful death claim cannot bring back your lost loved one, it could bring your family financial compensation to help rebuild your lives.

How Do Wrongful Death Actions Work?

Whenever one person’s negligent, careless, reckless, or intentionally bad actions lead to another person’s loss of life, this is classified as a wrongful death. Generally, wrongful deaths could have been prevented or avoided if not for the actions of one or more people.

In other words, if the person who died from their injuries could have pursued a personal injury case against the wrongdoer, that person’s family could similarly have grounds to pursue a wrongful death case against that wrongdoer. Many of the wrongful death claims in Bala Cynwyd come after the following:

If a family believes that another person’s wrongful actions caused their loved one’s death, they should discuss their concerns with a Bala Cynwyd personal injury attorney. A compassionate and qualified attorney could investigate the death to learn the cause and identify any potentially responsible parties.

Potential Claimants in a Bala Cynwyd Wrongful Death Claim

Although multiple people may suffer after losing their loved one, not everyone who is hurt by their loved one’s death can pursue a legal claim. State law generally requires a decedent’s personal representative or executor to file the suit on behalf of the

Claims must be filed within two years from the date of the decedent’s death. It is critical to meet with an attorney in Bala Cynwyd as soon as possible to have adequate time to investigate a case and prepare a wrongful death claim before the expiration of the two-year statute of limitations. In addition, after a lengthy period of time, evidence could become lost, and witnesses’ memories of the events could fade and become less clear.

Possible Damages After a Wrongful Death

After a sudden death, a decedent’s family members may be faced with unexpected financial burdens. A favorable decision in a wrongful death suit could help a family ease some of those burdens by compensating them for some of their losses, such as the expected lost wages that the decedent would have contributed to the family’s finances. A legal claim could also seek to recover damages for losing a decedent’s companionship. Our seasoned Bala Cynwyd lawyers could help a family assess the value of their losses so that they could pursue a full and fair settlement in a wrongful death case.

Meet with a Bala Cynwyd Wrongful Death Attorney

Grieving is a lengthy and painful process, but working with a compassionate Bala Cynwyd wrongful death lawyer could help. A dedicated lawyer understands how challenging loss can be. We could explain how a legal claim would work and help guide you through the complex process. Let us help you begin the healing process. Call today.


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