Many people have dogs as pets.  While there is no doubt that most of these animals make excellent additions to a family, dog owners must take necessary steps to protect others from harm. For example, a pet owner must keep their dog under control while in public and on their property.

Laws concerning dog bites can be difficult to understand. While the owner of an animal is most likely responsible for physical injuries that result from an attack, it may be hard to obtain full compensation for your losses without a seasoned personal injury attorney. A Bala Cynwyd dog bite lawyer can investigate the cause of an attack, determine how that it has impacted your life, and prove that the pet owner was responsible for your injuries.

Determining Liability in Dog Bites Claims

Determining liability after a dog bite is often difficult. State law separates responsibility for the consequences of these incidents into two categories.

Physical Damages

The first is the physical injuries and resulting medical bills that come from these bites. According to 3 P.S. § 459-502, the owner of a dog is automatically presumed to be responsible for all physical injuries that result from an attack. In fact, a victim does not need to prove that a dog’s owner was negligent in allowing the bite to occur. However, an owner may argue that a bite only occurred because a victim was taunting the animal or entered the property without the owner’s permission.

Emotional Damages

Often, dog bites result in non-physical injuries. To prove responsibility for emotional damage, a dog bite victim must show that an owner acted recklessly. An owner may have acted carelessly if they did not inform a person of the animal’s violent tendencies. A knowledgeable attorney in Bala Cynwyd can help a dog attack victim gather evidence to prove liability.

The Possible Impact of Dog Attacks

Injuries resulting from dog bites can be severe.  Unfortunately, even attacks from small animals have the potential to result in severe injuries, since all dogs have sharp teeth that can break the skin and tear at muscles. In addition, dogs’ mouths contain millions of bacteria that can cause infections in the bitten areas. Immediate medical attention may be necessary to combat these serious threats.

Even if a dog never makes direct contact with a victim, an owner may still be liable for the resulting injuries. For example, a dog may become loose in public and scare a person into running away. If a person running away from a violent animal suffers a broken bone or sprained ligament, the dog’s owner is still liable for this injury. A dog attack lawyer in Bala Cynwyd will investigate how an incident has impacted a person’s life and to demand fair compensation for the victim.

Contact a Bala Cynwyd Dog Bite Attorney Immediately

Dog bites are common examples of cases where another person’s carelessness leads to an injury. According to state law, an animal owner will most likely be responsible for all medical bills resulting from a dog bite. However, to obtain payment for other losses, such as emotional traumas or lost wages, you will need to prove that a pet owner was negligent in allowing the bite to occur.

A Bala Cynwyd dog bite lawyer can help you prove liability. A legal team member can show how an attack has impacted your life, to seek out the full payments that you deserve. Call now to get started on your case.


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