Have you or a loved one been involved in a hit and run wreck? This type of collision happens when a motorist hits another person or vehicle and leaves the scene without providing their contact information or assisting those injured. When you have been hurt in a hit and run car accident in Bala Cynwyd, it is crucial to contact a skilled automobile wreck attorney from Lowenthal & Abrams for help.

Although the wreck might be small, such as a parking lot collision, a practiced lawyer can help you understand the legal options available to you, as such actions are subject to severe penalties. Our legal team can examine all the facts of a case and help you hold the liable driver accountable for their actions.

Identifying and Locating the At-Fault Driver

One of the difficulties of hit and run auto wrecks in Bala Cynwyd is finding the driver who fled the scene. Police use witness accounts and nearby camera footage to locate the negligent driver. Investigations can also be supplemented by private detectives and the collaboration of experienced attorneys. The success of locating the at-fault party impacts the injured person’s chance of pursuing compensation and getting justice, which is why our legal team is diligent with this process.

Criminal Penalties for Failure to Stop

If a driver fails to stop in the event of a hit and run auto collision, provide their information, and render assistance in Bala Cynwyd, they may be criminally charged. For leaving the accident that resulted only in property damage, the fleeing driver may be subject to a summary offense, including fines and points on their driving record. If the accident causes an injury, it may be classified as a first-degree misdemeanor. Penalties may include fines, prison time of up to a year, and suspension of driver’s license.

However, if there is serious bodily injury, a hit and run can be classified as a third-degree felony. This means the penalties can be heavy fines, up to seven years of prison time, and license suspension. If the accident results in death, fleeing the scene is considered a second-degree penalty, which includes heavy fines, a prison sentence of up to ten years, and license suspension.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In the unfortunate event that a hit and run driver cannot be found in Bala Cynwyd, uninsured motorist (UM) coverage can kick in to provide protection from the auto collision. Uninsured motorist coverage is a car insurance policy that covers someone who has been hurt in a car wreck where the driver does not have insurance or fled the scene.

Insurance coverage can compensate for bodily injury, such as lost wages, medical bills, and other related expenses. It can also cover property damage, such as vehicle repairs. To collect under the insurance policy, the police report must be filed with the insurance company, and the company may conduct an investigation.

Let a Bala Cynwyd Attorney Lawyer Advocate for You After a Hit and Run Car Wreck

In Pennsylvania, hit and run laws are created to ensure that all drivers involved in a car accident have legal responsibilities. Motor vehicle operators involved in car accidents must stop right at the scene or a safe distance away, give identifying information, and give reasonable assistance where needed. When you have been hurt in a hit and run car accident in Bala Cynwyd, you need legal representation.

Our skilled attorneys at Lowenthal & Abrams are here to provide support and fight for the compensation award you deserve. Contact our firm today for a consultation.


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