An early diagnosis of cancer is vital to giving patients the best possible chance of long-term recovery. Unfortunately, even supposedly experienced and knowledgeable physicians do not always identify the first warning signs of cancer. Sometimes, this negligent care leads to patients suffering life-altering and ultimately avoidable harm.

If you or your family member’s cancer worsened due to an unreasonable delay in accurate diagnosis and treatment, you may have grounds for civil litigation. A skilled medical malpractice attorney could help you pursue financial compensation to help you afford the highest quality of medical care moving forward. These types of claims can be exceptionally complex with extremely high stakes, so working with a Bala Cynwyd cancer misdiagnosis lawyer may be essential for achieving a positive outcome.

Possible Grounds for a Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawsuit

A doctor failing to diagnose cancer at the very first opportunity does not necessarily mean a patient has grounds to file a suit, even if that patient ended up experiencing serious harm from their condition. While all medical professionals are expected to meet the same “standard of care,” they are also given some leeway when it comes to small errors or mistakes. This is because every patient is unique, and not every treatment plan works for everyone.

If a patient can prove that the doctor(s) who misdiagnosed their cancer had enough information and knowledge to diagnose them properly but carelessly failed to do so, that patient may have grounds for litigation. Examples of behaviors that could potentially justify this sort of claim include:

  • Failure to identify obvious symptoms as potential signs of cancer
  • Failure to order appropriate tests to narrow down the cause of such symptoms
  • Misreading or contamination of test results
  • Failure to follow up on initial test results with further analysis

As a Bala Cynwyd attorney can explain, liability for a cancer misdiagnosis may also or alternatively lie with someone else involved in the medical process besides the patient’s primary treating physician. For example, a technician could be liable when they perform a test incorrectly and provide inaccurate results for a doctor to base their diagnosis on.

Recovering Fairly for Short-Term and Long-Term Losses

A substantial complication in many cancer misdiagnosis claims is the sheer scope and longevity of losses that a delay in cancer treatment can result in. People who do not receive prompt care in the early stages of cancer may experience a permanent loss of working capacity and overall quality of life, not to mention additional medical bills, physical pain, and psychological distress.

Guidance from an experienced malpractice lawyer can be crucial to identifying and proactively demanding compensation for every way in which a cancer misdiagnosis will negatively affect a Bala Cynwyd patient’s life. Legal counsel can also play a key role in building a strong claim within applicable filing deadlines, while complying with rules set out by state law for malpractice litigation.

Contact a Bala Cynwyd Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney for Assistance

Financial compensation may not make up for not getting the high-quality care you deserve from your doctors. However, demanding fair restitution after receiving a delayed or inaccurate cancer diagnosis can help stabilize your family’s finances and protect your future prospects as much as possible.

You do not have to navigate this process alone. Assistance is available from a dedicated and experienced Bala Cynwyd cancer misdiagnosis lawyer. Call Lowenthal & Abrams today for a confidential consultation.


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