What to Do if Your Baby Suffers a Birth Injury

June 19, 2017

Birth Injury Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Little is more joyful than a new baby. Our minds are full of what the future will bring. Holding our new child. Watching him or her grow. Seeing them through their education, marriage and having children of their own. Most babies in Pennsylvania are born healthy and happy. But sometimes, the worst happens, and our baby suffers an injury. The injury might be permanent, or it might even lead to our baby’s death. In the case of a birth injury, we may be fortunate enough to hold our baby in our arms, but also, possibly looking forward to a lifetime of expensive medical care.

Sometimes the injury or loss of a new baby was unavoidable. But in other cases, the injury or loss was avoidable. In those cases the medical team could have stopped the harm, or may have even caused it. In those cases, the baby’s family and the baby themselves, may have what is called a birth injury lawsuit. These lawsuits are not just about seeking justice, they are about making sure that the parents and baby have the funds necessary to provide critical care to give their child the best life possible.

What to Do if your Baby is Injured

Cerebral palsy during birth

Cerebral palsy results from a lack of oxygen during birth. Normally, children with CP require a lifetime of specialized medical care.

Get Medical Assistance for Your Injured Baby

If your baby is hurt prior to, during, or after birth, the very first step is to seek medical care. If you are not certain whether your baby was hurt, find a medical specialist who can examine your child for any problems. It is important to get help immediately. The faster a specialist can intervene on your baby’s behalf, the faster the damage can be minimized, and appropriate treatment can begin. Some untreated birth injuries can become more severe quite quickly.

Speak to a Qualified Attorney

Deciding whether to take legal action if your baby is injured is not easy. Many people are hesitant to bring suit against their doctors. However, if your baby was hurt by a medical team, it is important that you be able to provide the right care for that baby. Very few people can afford the kind of care seriously injured babies require. When you sue a doctor or hospital due to a birth injury, you are not seeking a financial windfall. Rather, you simply want to make sure that your child will have what they need to for the best life possible. Many birth injuries such as Erb’s Palsy or Cerebral Palsy require extensive and permanent medical treatment. In Pennsylvania, if your child is hurt, they have the right to bring a lawsuit until they are 20 year’s old. The parents, however, only have two years from the date of injury, to bring a suit. It is important for the parents to act as soon as possible, even though children have longer to bring suit. This way, the family can obtain the financial assistance they need to raise their child with the appropriate medical care, without having to worry about the cost.

Lowenthal & Abrams’ Birth Injury Experience

Lowenthal & Abrams’ helps families who have suffered harm to their children due to negligent doctors, hospitals and medical teams. We have obtained substantial results for birth injury victims, and their families.  The compensation we seek allows parents to provide their injured children with the help they need as they grow. If you contact us, the consultation is free and there is no obligation to bring a lawsuit. We will simply speak with you and help you determine if you have a birth injury claim. The decision whether to go forward is always yours.



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