Few injuries are more severe than damage to the spinal cord, and the changes to someone’s life are often permanent. Anyone who suffers a spinal injury due to another person’s reckless actions deserves to get paid fairly for the immense physical, financial, and personal losses this injury can cause. Pursuing legal action while recovering may seem like a challenging task, but you do not need to pursue your settlement demand or lawsuit alone.

If you believe someone else’s negligence is to blame for your spine damage, working closely with an Erie spinal cord injury lawyer will be crucial to getting the restitution you need. A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney at Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys can help build a civil claim based on all available evidence and identify all recoverable damages based on your unique experience and needs.

What Makes Spinal Cord Trauma So Severe?

Unlike other body parts, the spinal cord cannot heal itself when it suffers external trauma. The spinal cord is the main pathway that all neurological signals travel through, and injuries could prevent parts of the body from communicating with the brain. As a knowledgeable Erie lawyer can further explain, a variety of circumstances, including work accidents, slips and falls, and intentional acts of violence, can result in someone suffering a spinal cord injury.

A spinal cord injury survivor may lose some or all bodily functions in the affected areas. The higher up on the spinal cord an injury occurs, the greater the likelihood that more of the body may suffer paralysis. Injuries closer to the tailbone may cause paraplegia of the lower limbs, while injuries near the neck may cause quadriplegia in all four limbs and the entire torso.

The severity of a spinal cord injury also depends on whether the injury is “complete” and severs the spinal cord at the injury site. “Incomplete” injuries, where the spinal cord is only partially torn or bruised, may not cause total loss of function below the injury site, and can even offer some chance of long-term recovery. However, “complete” injuries are invariably permanent and cause total paralysis below the injury site. Even surgical intervention from qualified medical professionals often cannot reverse the consequences of a spinal injury.

Recovering Past and Future Losses

The specific needs of a potential plaintiff may vary based on their life before getting hurt and the extent of permanent damage they suffered. Common damages factored into spinal cord injury claims include the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses, including costs of assistive equipment like wheelchairs and in-home assistance
  • Physical discomfort and pain
  • Lost ability to work or work income
  • Emotional anguish and psychological trauma
  • Personal property damage from the accident, plus expenses related to long-term disability like home and vehicle modifications
  • Lost enjoyment of life

While some of these losses have a clear financial value, assigning a clear dollar value to losses such as emotional anguish may be more challenging. A spinal cord injury attorney in Erie can discuss possibilities for recovery in more detail during a private meeting.

Learn How an Erie Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Can Help You Move Forward

Spine trauma can change the course of your life in a matter of moments. Suffering harm this severe because another person was negligent is a uniquely aggravating and unjust experience. It can be overwhelming to think about civil litigation under these circumstances but seasoned legal counsel can provide the support you need.

Retaining an Erie spinal cord injury lawyer can make the difference between achieving a positive result from your legal proceeding and leaving with nothing. Call today to learn more.


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