While you take certain precautions to keep yourself safe on the road, there is always the possibility of suffering injuries because of the poor choices of other drivers. Running red lights, texting while driving, and driving while drunk can all contribute to accidents that can permanently change your life.

If your injuries were the result of another person’s poor driving, you deserve to receive the compensation that you need to get your life back on track. Compensation can include payments for medical costs, lost income, and emotional trauma.

A Harrisburg car accident lawyer can help you collect these payments. Additionally, our personal injury attorneys can take every step necessary to prove that another driver caused the crash. They can defend your case against aggressive insurance companies, and pursue the compensation that you are entitled to.

When is Another Driver Responsible for a Car Accident?

If a motorist violates a traffic law, and this violation causing an accident, the defendant violating that law, is presumably at fault. As such, a citation for speeding, failing to yield, or even drunk driving could be strong enough evidence to win a case. A Harrisburg attorney can usually build a car accident case by determining whether the other driver received a ticket or was convicted in traffic court.

Even if a driver does not receive a ticket, this does not necessarily mean that they were not to blame for the crash. All drivers have a duty to avoid putting others on the road at risk. Therefore, proving simple carelessness or distraction may be sufficient to show that a driver failed in this duty. A competent personal injury lawyer can usually gather enough evidence to prove to insurance companies or courts that another driver was to blame for an auto wreck.

What Compensation May an Injured Motorist Demand Following a Crash?

An injury lawyer will evaluate all the ways in which the crash changed the claimant’s life and then places a dollar value on these changes in any comprehensive car accident case. Many of these damages are fairly easy to calculate. A person may accumulate significant medical bills that their insurance does not cover. They may also miss time at work while making a recovery. An attorney will help gather these bills and calculate any missing wages to demand compensation from insurance companies or at-fault drivers.

Other losses can be more complex to determine. Many people experience significant pain, suffering, or emotional trauma following a collision. These losses are no less legitimate than economic damages. A Harrisburg lawyer can help place a dollar value on these noneconomic damages in a car accident claim.

Reach Out to a Harrisburg Car Accident Attorney

Every individual who suffers harm because of the poor choices of other drivers deserves fair compensation. This includes payments to cover medical bills, lost earnings, and lost quality of life. Obtaining these payments can be a difficult process. Not only must you show how the auto wreck changed your life, but you must also be able to connect another driver’s actions to those losses. Fortunately, one of our Harrisburg car accident lawyers is here to help. They can take action on your behalf to protect your legal rights while you focus your physical recovery.


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