Rear-end car accidents are incredibly common and occur for many reasons. While some people may assume that liability in rear-end accident cases is always clear-cut, that is not always the case. Survivors may face challenges dealing with injuries and unexpected expenses, and negligent drivers may attempt to dispute their liability for the crash.

Even if a crash seems minor at the scene, rear-end car accidents can have lasting repercussions. You may feel totally fine in the moment, but experience pain and discover injuries soon after. If someone else’s actions caused the accident, resulting in this harm, they should have to pay for the consequences. After a rear-end car accident in Harrisburg, seek assistance from a talented lawyer to have the best chance at securing the compensation you need and deserve.

Determining Liability for a Rear-End Crash

Being able to clearly demonstrate liability in rear-end car accidents can make all the difference when pursuing compensation. Unlike many other states, Pennsylvania is a “no-fault” state when it comes to car accident insurance. This means all parties can seek compensation from their insurance policy, no matter who is at fault. However, to pursue additional compensation from an individual driver, an injured accident survivor must demonstrate how that driver was negligent.

In rear-end accident cases, the driver in the rear is typically at fault. Nonetheless, there are instances when the front driver is liable, such as when they accidentally reverse or do not follow traffic lights and laws. Factors like bad weather conditions, defective brakes, or unexpected animal crossings can also contribute to causing a crash, making liability even more complicated. To that end, conducting a thorough investigation is essential for building a successful claim, and it is strongly encouraged to have a lawyer who can assist with determining fault.

Forms of Recovery After a Rear-End Car Accident

Various laws govern what types of financial damages can be collected after a rear-end car collision in Harrisburg. Recoverable damages can be economic or non-economic. Examples of economic damages include the cost of car repairs, lost wages, and medical bills, and some examples of non-economic damages include pain and suffering, funeral costs, and the loss of consortium.

It is important to seek medical care as soon as possible after an accident to avoid complications with measuring and securing compensation for medical bills. Injured individuals should keep a file containing all documents regarding their medical expenses related to an accident. Keeping all medical reports can help prove that any injuries are a direct result of an accident and that the person responsible for that accident should be liable for providing compensation. Our attorneys can help an injured survivor build a strong claim in pursuit of compensation for all current and anticipated future losses.

Contact a Harrisburg Rear-End Car Accident Attorney Now

When you or someone you love experiences harm in a rear-end car accident in Harrisburg, you deserve to have dedicated legal counsel support you through the claims process. Insurance companies almost always try to lowball plaintiffs, but a skilled lawyer can step in to ensure your case presents rock-solid evidence of liability and your losses.

Call a seasoned attorney at Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys. Our legal team knows the ins and outs of filing personal injury cases and can help you enforce your rights.


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