Being injured in an accident can be disruptive to your life in numerous ways, from expensive medical bills to missed time from work to the substantial physical pain you may end up dealing with for months, even years afterward. When an injury is so severe that it results in permanent disfigurement or disability, though, “disruptive” is hardly a strong enough word to describe the effects it will have on you and your family.

If you or a loved one suffered severe injuries in an accident caused by someone else, it is crucial to understand that you have legal options for getting the compensation you and your family deserve. A compassionate Harrisburg catastrophic injury lawyer at Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys will fight tirelessly for you. Reach out to learn more about what our team of injury attorneys can do for you.

How Is Defining an Injury as “Catastrophic” Important?

In many situations, there is virtually no legal distinction made between a typical personal injury and a “catastrophic” injury. Anyone who wants to hold someone else legally liable for their injuries, regardless of the severity of those injuries, must establish that a defendant’s negligence was the primary and direct cause of the accident. It is also necessary for plaintiffs to prove that they were not primarily at fault for causing or worsening their injuries through misconduct of their own.

However, there are some circumstances under which defining an injury as “catastrophic” can be very important, most notably when injuries stem from an automobile accident. Under Pennsylvania law, someone who does not hold “full tort” car insurance may be prohibited from directly suing another person for certain damages stemming from the wreck, such as physical pain and future out-of-pocket expenses.

However, if someone with “limited tort” insurance (as opposed to non-restrictive full tort coverage) suffers a “serious injury,” there are no prohibitions on whether they can pursue third-party litigation or what losses they could incorporate into that claim. A Harrisburg catastrophic accident attorney can explain how state law addresses these and other similar situations in more detail during a free private consultation.

Recovering Comprehensively for Catastrophic Injuries

By definition, a catastrophic injury like spinal cord trauma resulting in paralysis, traumatic brain damage, a high-degree burn, or the amputation of a limb will last for the injured person’s entire remaining life and cause a substantial loss of physical and/or cognitive function for them. With that in mind, a comprehensive civil claim built around such an injury must account for all the ways that injury will negatively impact the injured party’s life now and for years to come.

This often means recovering for both past and future medical bills, lost ability to work, lost enjoyment of life, and various other damages that must be identified and valuated well before they fully manifest. Guidance from a skilled catastrophic injury lawyer in Harrisburg can be vital in this regard.

A Harrisburg Catastrophic Injury Attorney Can Help

A catastrophic injury has the potential to completely upend your life. You might be left with hefty medical bills and a lifetime of rehabilitation, which can be especially devastating if you have lost your ability to work. Fortunately, you have rights available in tragic scenarios like this that a legal professional can help you enforce.

A conversation with a Harrisburg catastrophic injury lawyer can provide much-needed guidance and clarification about what course of action would be ideal for your specific needs. Set up your free consultation at Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys today to get started.


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