Burns can be a common injury around the house, from touching a hot stove or the surface of an iron. These types of burn injury are typically easy to recover from. However, some people suffer burns that are serious enough to require medical care. After sustaining this type of injury, many people face a lifetime of pain, multiple medical treatments, and extensive scarring. Some burns make it difficult for people to work or participate in their daily activities. Additionally, some burns can result in death.

If you have been burned in an accident that was not your fault, you are probably experiencing pain and suffering, extensive medical costs, and perhaps lost wages. If you believe that another person’s negligence caused your injuries, a Philadelphia burn injury lawyer could help you obtain monetary compensation from that person in a personal injury claim. At Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys, our lawyers want to help you obtain the compensation that you may deserve. Though no amount of money could relieve your suffering, our catastrophic injury attorneys would like to help you face the burdens that lie ahead.

Common Causes of Burns

In addition to burns occurring by coming into contact with fire or hot surfaces, these injuries can also happen due to defective products, faulty wiring, chemicals, electricity, steam, explosions, radiation, or even hot liquids. Many burns occur inside the home, often due to hazardous products, faulty wiring, mishandled cigarettes, or cooking accidents. Others occur on the road as a result of motor vehicle accidents or defective car parts. Some people suffer these types of injuries while at work, particularly at construction sites or restaurants. Burns can occur from medical radiation treatments or even from a sunburn after a day at the beach.

Our dedicated team of Philadelphia attorneys has helped people who have suffered burn injuries in various situations. With their experience, practical knowledge of the local laws, and relationships with local authorities, we could pinpoint the cause and identify the people who are at fault.

What are the Different Types of Burns?

A burn occurs when the skin in an area is damaged so badly that the skin cells die. Sometimes a burn can be so severe that it travels past the layers of skin and actually damages the tendons and bones. Different types of burns cause varying degrees of pain, swelling, blisters, and skin damage. Some burns result in temporary, superficial redness or discomfort, while others can cause permanent disfigurement, muscle and nerve damage, organ failure, and even lead to death. Even less severe burns can become infected and worsen with time, so it is critical to receive proper medical care as soon as possible after sustaining a serious injury.

There are four types of burns that could occur due to a chemical, electrical, fire, or hot liquid accident. These types of burns include:

First Degree

Simple first-aid can typically help someone with a first-degree burn, which may result in red skin.

Second Degree

Second-degree burns often cause blisters and the thickening of the skin in that area. These affect both the dermis and the epidermis skin layers.

Third Degree

Third-degree burns are often called full thickness burns because they damage all skin structures and can even extend beneath the skin. These injuries cause severe blistering, thickening of skin with white tint, and permanent scars. Third-degree burns require a great deal of medical care both at the time of the injury and throughout the rest of a patient’s life.

Fourth Degree

Fourth-degree burns are the most serious types of these injuries and can result in extensive damage to all skin layers, as well as to the nerves, muscles, bones, and tendons underneath the skin. These injuries have the symptoms of a third degree burn, but damage extends into the tendons and bones.

The Impact of Severe Burns

Many burn survivors must cope with unrelenting pain and disfiguring scars. They may also face challenging and costly medical treatments, such as reconstructive surgery, skin grafts, and physical therapy. All of this can take a toll on a burn survivor’s psychological and financial wellbeing. A successful lawsuit resolution could grant a survivor the money necessary to pay for their current and future medical bills, recoup their lost income, and address their physical and mental needs.

A lawyer in Philadelphia could help someone who suffered a severe burn injury pursue the proper amount of compensation based on the severity of their harm. If you or a loved one has been burned in an accident to the point that you are still suffering or experiencing decreased quality of life, you may need the help of a qualified Philadelphia attorney.

Let a Philadelphia Burn Injury Attorney Assist You

Burns can leave you with physical, mental, and financial hardships. Let a seasoned Philadelphia burn injury lawyer help you work toward a settlement that fully and fairly addresses all of your losses.

At Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys, we not only have the years of experience to help you, we are caring and dedicated to each and every one of your clients. Our lawyers understand what you have been going through and we want to help. Contact our office today to learn more about how we could help you with your civil lawsuit.


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