Even when empty, tractor-trailers are still the largest and heaviest vehicles on any road. With cargo, these vehicles can weigh up to the federal limit of 80,000 pounds. Unfortunately, some trucking companies carelessly or intentionally overload their trucks before sending them on their routes. This added weight makes trucks even more difficult for drivers to control, leading to accidents.

Given their immense size and weight, overloaded trucks can cause especially severe injuries and losses if they collide with another vehicle at any speed. If you were involved in an overloaded/overweight truck accident in Philadelphia, you might have grounds to pursue compensation. A seasoned truck accident attorney can evaluate your case and help build a strong claim on your behalf.

Who is Responsible for an Overweight Truck Accident?

In most situations, a long-haul truck driver does not decide the type and weight of cargo they carry. Instead, an individual supplier or the truck driver’s parent company typically makes these decisions.

Unfortunately, having to deal with suppliers and trucking companies is one reason why litigation based on overweight truck crashes can be complex, even compared to other types of truck accident cases. Trucking companies that deliberately overload trucks are typically aware that what they are doing is illegal under federal law. As such, these companies often make a deliberate effort to hide their illegal actions by inputting incorrect information into transport records or instructing their drivers to do so.

Even if a truck is overloaded by accident, establishing which people and/or entities in a multi-stage supply chain are legally at fault can be a document-heavy and labor-intensive process. Therefore, these cases often involve a subjective interpretation of available evidence. Guidance from experienced legal counsel in Philadelphia can be essential to sorting through that evidence and building a strong overloaded/overweight truck accident case.

Recoverable Damages After an Overloaded Truck Wreck

There are no restrictions under state law for how much compensation someone can seek for injuries they sustained in a crash involving an overloaded truck. It is always possible to recover short-term losses like vehicle damage, emergency medical bills, and lost earnings from missing work. Depending on the situation, compensable long-term damages may also be available. These damages can include repayment for various forms of physical and psychological suffering, expected future medical bills and related expenses, lost working capacity, and lost enjoyment of life.

When a trucking company engages in egregiously negligent or deliberately illegal actions, a court may also impose punitive damages. Punitive damages are intended to punish a negligent party and can be awarded to anyone injured by the defendant’s misconduct. A local overloaded/overweight truck wreck attorney in Philadelphia can evaluate the accident’s impact on victims’ lives and determine what compensation they may be eligible to recover.

Connect With a Philadelphia Attorney After an Overloaded/Overweight Truck Accident

There is no easy path forward after a serious truck accident, especially one involving a truck that is heavier than federal or state laws allow. Without experienced guidance through the legal process, you may face challenges in getting any compensation whatsoever, let alone the amount you deserve for your losses.

After seeking emergency medical care, contacting a seasoned lawyer should be your priority after an overloaded/overweight truck accident in Philadelphia. Call today to set up your free consultation and learn how we can help.


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