If improperly managed or maintained, construction zones or sites can pose a number of dangers to motorists and pedestrians. Improper signage or guidance, lack of guard rails and falling debris are all sources of potential injury causing negligence. Construction workers can also suffer serious injuries in construction zones or sites. Construction workers might be entitled to workers’ compensation in addition to the right to file a third party suit against a negligent driver. In many cases, the municipality where the accident occurred may be liable to the victim. If you suffered an injury in a construction zone or on a construction site, our construction site attorneys can help you. Contact us today.

Dangers of Construction Sites

Any construction site has risks, but if the site is negligently run, those risks are unnecessarily increased and car accidents or pedestrian injuries can result.

Construction Zone Car Accidents

On a construction site or in a construction zone, car accidents can occur for any number of reasons. Debris can land on a car, injuring both driver and passenger or causing a car accident. Improper signs or workers failing to guide drivers properly can result in head on collisions between cars traveling by the site. Failure to have signs warning about road defects can lead to serious accidents, even causing a car to roll down an embankment or flip.  Given the risks, it is crucial that construction sites and zones are properly managed to keep those driving by safe.

Construction Site Injuries to Pedestrians

One of the most common causes of construction site injuries to pedestrians is falling debris. If the site didn’t have appropriate barriers or warning signs to keep the pedestrian away that is a failure to protect the public from injury and could lead to liability by the owners of the construction site or the municipality where the work is being done. An item falling from a great height, or a heavy item falling from any height, can cause serious damage to someone who happens to be walking by. Another common cause of injury at a work zone is failure to cover dangers items, such as deep or even shallow holes. Traumatic brain injuries, broken limbs and other harm can be caused when a construction site is negligently run.

Retain a Lawyer After a Construction Zone Car Crash in Philadelphia

If you or a loved one has been injured because of a negligent construction zone or site you might be able to hold those responsible for the site liable for their actions. Contact the Philadelphia construction negligence lawyers of Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys today to see how we can help.


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