Even if you know you have the right-of-way to advance into an intersection or merge onto a highway, it is still important to check for oncoming traffic and proceed carefully. Oftentimes, even if you are not doing anything wrong, another driver very well might be. Unfortunately, many people learn this lesson the hard way. When side-impact/T-bone car accidents in Philadelphia occur, people can suffer serious injuries.

T-bone crashes can very often serve as the basis for pursuing financial restitution, but that does not mean they make for simple or straightforward civil claims. If you want the best chances of getting a favorable result from your lawsuit or settlement demand, you should prioritize contacting an auto accident attorney with experience handling cases like yours.

What Makes T-Bone Crashes Unique?

In terms of the basic legal procedures involved, pursuing civil compensation from a driver who causes a side-impact collision is no different from suing a driver who causes a head-on, rear-end, rollover, or any other type of crash. The most important element of any accident claim is whether the injured “plaintiff” can prove they were hurt as a direct result of a specific irresponsible or illegal act by the “defendant” they are suing. This legal concept is known as negligence, and examples of negligent behaviors may include traffic infractions, drunk or high driving, or just losing focus at exactly the wrong moment.

That said, the injuries caused by T-bone accidents are often severe since even modern vehicles do not have much in the way of safety features separating occupants from the full force of another car crashing into the doors or side paneling of their own. For this reason, claims built around side-impact collisions should account for short-term damages that have already manifested by the time of filing, as well as long-term damages that may persist for years to come. A skilled legal professional in Philadelphia with experience handling T-bone car accident cases can provide vital assistance with accomplishing this task.

Building a Strong Civil Case After a Side-Impact Collision

A settlement demand or lawsuit over a Philadelphia side-impact auto accident cannot demand compensation for losses already covered by insurance, meaning it is not possible to recover through auto insurance and an ensuing civil claim for the same medical bill. However, a comprehensive civil claim can include various economic and non-economic damages that insurance typically does not cover, including:

  • Long-term costs of inpatient, rehabilitative, and therapeutic care
  • Disability-related expenses for things like assistive equipment and home/vehicle modifications
  • Lost work income and/or earning capacity
  • Personal property damage, like the cost of replacing a damaged phone
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish and psychological distress
  • Lost overall enjoyment of life

Support from experienced legal counsel can be key to collecting and preserving evidence to support a claim for all compensable losses. An attorney can review police reports, witness testimony, surveillance/dashboard camera footage, and even input from accident reconstruction experts to support a comprehensive civil claim.

Discuss Legal Options After a Side-Impact/T-Bone Car Accident With a Philadelphia Attorney

Getting T-boned or sideswiped can be scary at best and life-altering at worst. Either way, you deserve fair financial restitution for any injuries and subsequent losses you experience due to another person’s negligent driving. Guidance from a knowledgeable car accident lawyer can be essential to making sure you get fair compensation.

In the wake of a side-impact/T-bone car accident in Philadelphia, speaking with a legal professional about a civil lawsuit should be among your top priorities. Schedule a meeting by calling Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys, today.


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