Discovering that you are very ill is bad enough. It is worse, however, when you learn that your illness is worse than it had to be due to a wrong diagnosis on the part of your doctor. Many people find it difficult to contradict or even strongly question their doctors. This is perfectly understandable, considering that doctors have years of education and experience and just sitting in the physician’s office can be very intimidating. Some doctors are also not very welcoming of questions or criticisms. However, patients need to understand that medical professionals are not always right and it is important to ask questions. A wrong diagnosis can be devastating. Illnesses such as cancer can become worse or even untreatable. Problems that might have been prevented can become serious or deadly. Incorrect medication with serious side effects might be prescribed.  If you received the wrong diagnosis, and as a result, suffered serious harm, you may be able to file a medical malpractice case to obtain compensation for your injuries. Contact our Philadelphia wrong diagnosis lawyers, today, to discuss what happened to you.

How Do Wrong Diagnoses Happen?

When a patient is misdiagnosed, any treatment that follows will not address the real condition or can make their actual condition even worse. Considering what a serious mistake this is, many people wonder how it could ever happen. The truth is that diagnosis is still a developing science. Even a dedicated and highly intelligent doctor can be misled by certain things, such as:

  • A rare illness. If a doctor is not well informed about a certain condition, it will be very hard for him or her to diagnose it.
  • Bias towards a certain diagnosis. Specialists tend to see the illness they know best almost everywhere.
  • Media influence. Sometimes a certain disease will receive a lot of coverage in the news. This can influence doctors, making them more likely to see it, even when it is not present.
  • Failure to order the correct tests. Sometimes doctors simply fail to order the tests they should and become convinced of a specific diagnosis. This can also come from bias.
  • Reading tests improperly. A doctor may order the correct tests, but he or a radiologist or other technician may misread the results. This is a common cause of delayed diagnosis as well.
  • Patient gives an incomplete history. Patients must give their doctors a complete history. Even a small item can impact whether you will receive the right diagnosis.

When a wrong diagnosis causes you to become sicker or your condition worsens, you should reach out to a Philadelphia lawyer.

How Do Misdiagnosis Lawsuits Work?

If a misdiagnosis causes a patient medical harm, he or she may have grounds for a medical malpractice suit. In order to win compensation for injuries suffered, he or she must be able to demonstrate that:

  • He or she is injured
  • The injury is the result of a wrong diagnosis
  • The doctor acted unreasonably or negligently when making that diagnosis.

Proving all of these things, especially the last, to a judge or jury can be very difficult. An experienced Philadelphia misdiagnosis lawyer can simplify the process for you while increasing your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Call a Philadelphia Wrong Diagnosis Attorney for Assistance

The Philadelphia wrong diagnosis lawyers at Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys have decades of experience in medical malpractice cases. We have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients. and are ready to help if you’ve been wrongfully injured due to an incorrect diagnosis. Contact us today.


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