A fall is a very common type of workplace accident.  Slip and falls at work are very different from slip and falls under any other circumstances. Regular slip and fall cases have very high standards to prove liability against the defendant. But if you are injured due to falling on the job, the workers’ compensation system will help you with your medical bills and any time out of work. It does not matter whether you fell due to someone else’s negligence or your own. All that matters is that you were at work or on a job-related activity, and you were injured. If you suffered a fall at work in Philadelphia, reach out to our team today.

How Can a Fall at Work Cause Serious Injury?

While many falls result in an embarrassed glance over the shoulder to see if anyone saw you, some accidents can result in extremely serious injuries. If you fall from a great height, for example a ladder on a roofing job, or while working on a construction site, the result can be numerous broken bones, a serious head injury, and even death. Any fall from six feet or more is especially dangerous. However, even a slip on the ice or a wet floor can result in serious injuries to the back or neck, and if you hit your head, a concussion or brain injury is possible.

Don’t underestimate how serious a fall can be. If you fall on the job, it is very important that you seek a physical exam as soon as possible. Sometimes, when you fall, it doesn’t seem as if you are injured, but that evening or the next day you can become very sore. As a result, if you fall, even if you don’t believe you are hurt, it is important that you inform your employer. If you fail to tell your employer right away, and it turns out you suffered a slipped disc or other damage, you could end up with an insurance company insisting the injury didn’t happen at work. Then you will have a fight over when you deserve workers’ compensation benefits at all.

Speak with a Philadelphia Attorney After Falling at Work

If you are injured in a fall at work in Philadelphia and require workers’ compensation benefits to cover lost pay and medical bills, contact  Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys. The call is free and you only pay if we are successful in helping you. At Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys, we are here to help those who need workers’ compensation benefits.


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