Suffering an amputation at work or requiring a surgical amputation after a work injury is a devastating loss. While nothing can replace your lost limb, finger or toe, the workers’ compensation system provides you with rights to certain payments when you suffer an amputation at work. When you lose a limb due to a work accident, get to the hospital. When you are able, you or a loved one should then call James Mogul. He has extensive experience in PA workers’ compensation law. Our Philadelphia amputations lawyer could protect your rights and seek the compensation you are entitled to. Never sign any documents or accept any payments without speaking to your attorney.

Work Amputations and Your Rights

The Workers’ Compensation Act sets a certain number of weeks of pay for amputations. For example, if you lose a hand, you are provided with 355 weeks for the benefit period and 20 weeks for a healing period. Some of the positives of specific injury benefits for amputations include:

  1. Paid regardless of whether you miss work
  2. Insurance companies often pay very quickly
  3. Do not require a complete amputation. A crushed hand, if you can no longer use it, will qualify. The legal phrase is loss of use for “all intents and purposes.”

If you suffered an amputation as a result of a workplace accident, a Philadelphia attorney could help you seek proper benefits.

Waiting to Settle After an Amputation Caused by a Workplace Accident

Insurance companies are quick to offer a lump sum payment when an employee suffers an amputation at work. The reason for this is that a quick settlement is rarely in the employee’s best interests. By settling quickly, the insurance company might save money while the worker might receive less than he should.

1. An injury to one body part might affect another body part, resulting in a right to a larger settlement
2. A worker might end up permanently out of work
3. The calculation of the lump sum amount might be incorrect
4. The employee might receive greater compensation if he seek benefits for a general injury instead

A Philadelphia lawyer could help you deal with the insurance companies after an amputation surgery.

Speak with a Philadelphia Amputations Attorney

Wait to get your benefits until you are certain how your amputation will affect the rest of your limb or body. You need to consult with both a doctor and legal specialist before you accept any settlement from an insurance company.

If you have suffered an amputation at work, contact the workers’ comp lawyers at Lowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys. Our Philadelphia amputation lawyers could help you determine what is the best option for you.


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