Looking at some amazing photos of an Amazon warehouse recently made me think about the people who box up our stuff, as well as work injuries at warehouses. I am also thinking back to the jobs I had during college. My main job during college involved sitting at a desk in the microcomputer room. During a break one year, I took on a job at a warehouse. I stayed one day. The warehouse, though it was not supposed to allow it, insisted that we share needle punches. If the people I shared the punch with had HIV or another disease, I easily could have gotten it. As a new person, I constantly punched holes in my fingers. The more experienced people did too.

If you were harmed in a warehouse, contact a Philadelphia warehouse injury lawyer for legal assistance.

Risk of Work Injuries from Boxes

One work injury risk I didn’t have at any of my jobs involved falling boxes. But this kind of risk is pretty common at large warehouses where a lot of boxes are piled up and being moved around. Work injuries can include boxes falling on people’s heads, back injuries from lifting something too heavy, lifting incorrectly or constant lifting over time. Knee and shoulder injuries are also very common. These kinds of injuries often happen at big box stores as well, such as Home Depot or Lowes where boxes can be stacked high and employees need to bring them down to refill the shelves. Sometimes customers can get caught in the middle or decide to move boxes themselves, resulting in serious injuries and premises liability cases.

Repetitive Motion Work Injuries at Warehouses

Had I stayed at my warehouse job, I would have been repeating the same motion every day, hours a day. That motion would have involved using a machine I had to push with my hand to punch a needle so I could put a tag in a piece of clothing. In addition to punctures and potential disease and infections, I could easily have suffered from a repetitive motion work injury. Any job where you have to repeat the same motion over and over again can cause carpal tunnel or similar injuries.

Standing or Bending

People are warehouses often have to bend over a table. Injuries to backs are very common when workers must stay in one position or repeat the same position repeatedly.

Machinery and Work Injuries

If you are using machinery at work, it is easy to get a finger or hand caught up. Especially if safety devices have been disabled or you are simply tired from a long day of work. This can mean a crushed finger or hand, or even loss of several fingers.

Contact a Philadelphia Warehouse Injury Attorney

I would like to thank all of those people who work in these hard and often dangerous warehouse jobs. Their work is crucial to our society. They are the people who help make sure the right thing starts on its trip to the right place.

If you work in a warehouse and suffer a work injury, please don’t hesitate to contact us . You deserve representation from a certified Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer, such as James Mogul.


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