Though airplane crashes may seem like common occurrences because of the news coverage they get, in reality, the total number of airplane accidents is just a fraction of the number of auto accidents that occur each year. Unfortunately, when plane crashes do occur, they are extremely dangerous and frequently deadly. If you or your loved one suffered an injury after being in an airplane crash in Philadelphia, you have legal options.

The Odds of Being Killed are Low

Fortunately, the odds of being killed in a flight are quite low, only 1 in 29.4 million. The odds do increase when you fly a million hours, at 12.25 percent. The chances of surviving a plane crash are actually greater than most people realize. You have a 24% chance of surviving. In all of 2014, there were only 931 deaths in a total of 6 flights. The year before there were only 266. Those deaths occurred in 7 different crashes. People tend to have assumptions about the most dangerous time in a plane, i.e. the most likely time period when there will be an accident. The time that has the greatest risk of crashing, with or without fatalities, is during the final approach and landing.

Causes of Accidents

Most airplane crashes occur when a plane has been poorly maintained, but some also occur when the plane has not been designed or manufactured well. The most common cause of plane crashes though, is pilot error. In some cases, the error is due to weather, but, in most cases the pilot simply made a mistake. Other sources of crashes include weather in general, mechanical failure, and of course sabotage. Fortunately, sabotage is a very rare cause of plane accidents.

Legal Options After an Airplane Crash in Philadelphia

When negligence leads to an air accident, innocent passengers often suffer and frequently die. In such cases, the airline may be held liable for its failures. To discuss your legal options for you and your family after an airplane accident in Philadelphia, contact our legal team today.


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