Over the course of millennia some animals, cats and dogs included, have been domesticated and bred to live and work with people. In present day America, many individuals consider their pets to be every bit as much of a family member as they would siblings, parents, or children. But despite this long history and these loving relationships, a trusted animal can swiftly revert to its wild instincts, grievously injuring or even killing someone in the process. Reprehensible dog fighting training can turn man’s best friend into a ticking time bomb of sorts.

If you are coping with the loss of your loved one to a vicious assault by an animal, then it may be wise to consider filing a legal action against that animal’s owners or keepers. .

Potentially Fatal Injuries

Even the smallest animals can inflict devastating harm. Rats, for example, have been known to carry the plague. More commonly, though, it is physical trauma that causes the most damage and which may claim the life of a loved one. With different creatures there are different risks. Larger animals like elephants can unintentionally kill someone through the simple mix of their size and inattentive monitoring by keepers. Some of the notable injuries that may prove fatal in the event of an animal attack are:

  • Exsanguination (complete blood loss)
  • Brain injuries (a byproduct of crushing or blunt force trauma)
  • Deadly infections (enabled by one’s wounds)
  • Severed spinal cord
  • Destruction of one’s airway (due to puncture or slicing wounds)

Filing a Claim After a Fatal Animal Attack in Philadelphia

The shock of such a horrific incident is not likely to fade anytime soon, but your opportunity to bring the matter before the courts may expire quicker than you might think. Contact our legal team to discuss your options if your loved one passed away from a deadly animal attack in Philadelphia.


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