Large trucks pose a major risk to the safety of all people traveling on local roads. These massive trailers outweigh other vehicles and can inflict thousands of pounds of force on the victims of collisions. As a result, these crashes can result in devastating injuries that impact your physical health, emotional wellbeing, and ability to earn a living.

A Harrisburg truck accident lawyer ­can help you show the losses you have faced because of the incident. Whether you are looking to receive compensation through an insurance settlement or a trial, a well-versed personal injury attorney is prepared to stand up for your legal rights.

Dangers Posed by Commercial Trailers

Any vehicle that travels on local roads can inflict severe harm if their driver is not in control of them. These dangers are magnified if a commercial rig is involved. The size of these trailers along with the amount of rigs on the road means that collisions are not uncommon. The resulting damage can be severe.

Commercial vehicles are often slow to stop due to their large size and heavy weight. Their size also creates significant blind spots to the side and rear of these trailers. As a result, truck drivers must take special care to watch for other vehicles and be prepared to stop in an emergency.

Unfortunately, truckers may cause wrecks by failing to follow the rules of the road, driving while distracted, exceeding vehicle weight limits, or violating maximum drive times allowable by law. A Harrisburg attorney can take the lead to investigate the cause of a crash and build powerful cases against the at-fault semi driver.

Sources of Compensation Following a Harrisburg Semi Collision

18-wheeler drivers, insurance providers, and trucking companies could be responsible to cover the losses of people who suffer harm because a trucker was negligent. However, they will only provide compensation to the extent that an affected person is able to prove their damages.

Economic Damages in an 18-Wheeler Crash

Truck accident cases center on physical injuries. These can include concussions, broken bones, separated joints, spinal cord injuries, and head trauma. Defendants should provide payments to cover all necessary medical care associated with a crash. This includes ­payments for estimated future care.

Non-Economic Damages in a Big Rig Wreck

18-wheeler collisions also have the potential to impact other parts of a person’s life. An injured person may find that they remain in extreme pain or are no longer able to enjoy time with family or their hobbies. These reductions in their quality of life are also compensable losses. One can be compensated for lost wages and or future income if a result of the accident.

Being able to prove fault in a collision is essential in demanding comprehensive compensation for someone’s losses. Because of this, it is vital to act quickly to make these demands. Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 5524 gives people two years from the date of an accident to seek out compensation. Talk with a Harrisburg 18-wheeler wreck attorney now to begin filing a legal claim.

Let a Harrisburg Truck Accident Attorney Protect Your Legal Rights

Rig operators have an obligation to protect others while on the road. ­A failure to do so that results in injuries could mean that the trucker, their insurance provider, and their employer could be liable to provide compensation for your losses.

A Harrisburg truck accident lawyer can help you collect the payments necessary to get your life back on track after a wreck. This can include payments for medical costs, emotional trauma, and missing income. Reach out to a skilled legal team now to begin your legal claim.


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