Because the trailer of a typical semi-truck is attached to the cab by a unique coupling joint that can rotate freely in its socket, the trailer has its own separate momentum from the cab that is pulling it. While this gives trucks more mobility in tight spaces, it also means that a truck’s cab and trailer can move in different directions and sometimes even at different speeds if the driver loses control of the vehicle and enters a skid.

This is known as jackknifing, and if you have recently been caught up in a jackknife truck accident in Harrisburg, you know how traumatizing and potentially life-altering this sort of wreck can be. No matter what circumstances led to the wreck or what specific losses you need to recover, a seasoned truck accident attorney can help you demand comprehensive financial recovery proactively and efficiently.

Recovering Fairly for All Available Damages

The main things that make jackknife truck crashes in Harrisburg uniquely dangerous compared to other types of truck accidents are that they usually happen at a high rate of speed and result in the truck colliding with multiple other vehicles before coming to a stop. This means accidents of this nature often result in more than one person sustaining catastrophic injuries and losses, all of which a truck driver or their employer may be liable to pay for if the injured parties can prove them at fault for the wreck.

While every case is unique, recoverable damages in a typical jackknife truck crash claim include both economic and non-economic forms of harm:

  • Medical expenses
  • Personal property damage
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life
  • Lost work earnings or earning ability
  • Emotional anguish and psychological trauma

Importantly, it is possible to recover not just for losses that have already occurred by the time the litigation process begins but also for losses that can be expected to occur in the future because of permanent injuries the person sustained from the crash.

What Filing Deadlines Apply to Truck Wreck Lawsuits?

Even if a jackknife truck collision in Harrisburg results in an irreversible and debilitating injury, the person who sustained that injury does not have unlimited time to file suit. Under 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 5524, most people injured through the negligence of another have two years at most to file suit, regardless of the severity of their injuries.

This two-year filing period usually starts on the date an accident resulting in injury occurred, but sometimes, it can start on the date on which an injured person discovered, or reasonably should have discovered, they were injured through another person’s negligence. There are also some specific circumstances under which the standard two-year deadline may not apply, as a skilled legal professional can explain in more detail.

Get Help from a Harrisburg Attorney After a Jackknife Truck Accident

When someone is driving a vehicle as big and heavy as a commercial truck, the effects of a momentary lapse of judgement behind the wheel tend to be exponentially greater than if they were driving a standard commuter car. Unfortunately, jackknife truck accidents in Harrisburg are a perfect example of this principle, and because of that, they can also make for uncommonly complicated civil claims.

Representation from a knowledgeable lawyer can make all the difference in how effectively you can pursue the restitution you need and what chances you have of getting a positive case result. Call the attorneys at Lowenthal & Abrams today to schedule a consultation.


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