While bus accidents are less common than car crashes, this does not mean collisions involving commercial or public buses never happen, or that they cannot cause serious injury when they do. Unfortunately, filing suit against a negligent bus driver or company can be complex since there are sometimes rules for cases of this nature that do not apply to any other types of claims.

Making the most of a situation like this and obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injuries can be much easier with guidance from a capable Harrisburg bus accident lawyer. Whether you were involved in a crash aboard a privately operated bus or one providing public transit, your dedicated personal injury attorney has the experience necessary to effectively enforce your rights.

How Negligence Can Injure Bus Passengers

As “common carriers” transporting people (as opposed to manufactured goods or raw materials) for a fee, bus drivers and their employers have a greater “duty of care” than the average commuter car driver. Beyond just obeying traffic laws and generally acting responsibly while in motion, bus drivers must also make sure their passengers are safe at all parts of their journey, including while boarding, while disembarking, and to a certain extent, even while waiting at a stop.

A bus driver who harms a passenger by getting into a traffic accident is equally as “negligent” under the law as one who injures a passenger by accelerating too quickly and causing them to fall before they find a seat. Both actions would constitute a reckless or careless violation of the duty they owed those passengers and would count as legally actionable negligence if they directly led to someone being hurt.

Likewise, bus operating entities that hire irresponsible drivers, fail to provide proper training, proper bus maintenance, or otherwise fail to ensure paying passengers are reasonably safe may be liable in the event of an accident. A Harrisburg bus crash attorney can review a particular case during a private consultation and offer advice about whether litigation is possible.

Taking Prompt Legal Action to Recover Fair Compensation

When it comes to the type of damages, the total amount of recoverable, and the time limits applicable to the legal process, filing suit over a bus accident caused by a commercial bus driver or company works similarly to any other personal injury claim in Pennsylvania. The full value of all economic and non-economic damages stemming from the incident may be available, including both past and future losses. The standard two-year filing deadline set by 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes §5524 generally applies to commercial bus accident claims.

On the other hand, caps on maximum available compensation usually apply to claims against public transit systems and other government entities, and there are usually much shorter effective filing deadlines as well. Because of that, assistance from a seasoned lawyer can be especially crucial to achieving case success after a public bus accident in Harrisburg.

Talk to a Harrisburg Bus Accident Attorney About Your Legal Options

Being involved in an accident while riding the bus can be an unsettling experience, even if you walk away with no injuries or losses. Under less fortunate circumstances, holding the bus driver, company, or another party liable for your ensuing damages could be key to keeping your life on track.

Representation from a Harrisburg bus accident lawyer is crucial to getting the payments you and your family need. Call today to learn more.


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