Even if they happen at relatively low speeds, motorcycle accidents can have especially devastating consequences for riders and their passengers. This can result in injuries that are expensive to treat, physically debilitating, and may last for months years or even a lifetime.   Given how devastating this type of incident can be, any motor vehicle driver who causes a motorcyclist to crash by acting in a negligent way should be held accountable for all the past and future harm their irresponsible actions cause.

However, as any experienced personal injury attorney knows, proving someone at fault for a wreck of this nature can be a complex process, especially if you are unfamiliar with state laws governing auto accidents. Having help from a knowledgeable Harrisburg motorcycle accident lawyer can make a huge difference in your odds of securing a beneficial case outcome and getting the compensation you deserve.

When Is It Possible to Sue Over a Motorcycle Crash?

In Pennsylvania, it is not always possible to immediately file suit over motorcycle accident injuries, even if someone else was clearly and solely at fault for them. An injured party will generally recover for their short-term medical expenses and certain other out-of-pocket expenses—for example, motorcycle repair costs—through their own motorcycle insurance policy. This should provide compensation up to policy limits on a “no-fault” basis regardless of who was to blame for the incident. Losses not covered by the injured person’s own insurance can be factored into a claim against the at-fault party’s insurance, or a lawsuit against the at-fault party personally.

When it comes to recovering for other damages like physical pain and psychological distress, the options someone has will vary based on their insurance coverage. People with “full tort” coverage have no restrictions on their right to pursue civil compensation, and can seek reimbursement for the full value of all past and future effects of an accident.

Those with “limited tort” coverage are more limited in what they can recover after an accident. To pursue compensation under this type of coverage, one must have suffered a “serious injury.” A serious injury refers to one with permanent and debilitating or disfiguring consequences. A Harrisburg motorcycle accident attorney can go over recovery options for a particular person in more detail during a private consultation.

Filing Deadlines After a Motorcycle Wreck

Motorcycle wreck victims have a limited amount of time in which they can file suit after an accident. Specifically, under 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes §5524, most prospective plaintiffs have two years maximum after actually sustaining injuries to begin the litigation process.

Anyone who fails to file before this deadline expires will almost always be permanently barred from recovering any civil compensation for that particular injury and incident. In light of that, contacting a lawyer quickly after a motorcycle accident in Harrisburg can be vital to protecting an accident victim’s rights. An experienced lawyer can ensure that all necessary steps are taken within the state’s required timeframe.

Get in Touch with a Harrisburg Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

Motorcycle accidents impact thousands of Pennsylvanians each year, many of whom would not have been hurt at all if someone else near them had not acted irresponsibly. Fortunately, traumatic situations like this can serve as the basis for comprehensive recovery through civil litigation, provided you have assistance from seasoned legal counsel along the way.

A capable Harrisburg motorcycle accident lawyer at Lowenthal & Abrams Injury Attorneys is ready to get to work for you. The first step toward getting the compensation you deserve is reaching out to a legal professional­, so do not wait to get started. Call our office today to set up your free initial consultation.


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